Macro Real Estate Show Episode #3

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This week I discuss the following:

1. Elizabeth Warren’s wealth tax. You may think this this doesn’t apply to you but think again! I show how this will most likely affect many real estate investors in years to come.

2. What is the true rate of inflation? What if the whole time we’ve been using inflation adjusted home prices to make investment decisions, the inflation number has been wrong? This is HUGE! It would make US real estate almost cheap! Notice I said “almost”… But it’s crucial we, as real estate investors, understand how the inaccurate inflation rate can make night and day difference in analysis outcomes. And it’s something NO ONE is talking about.

3. Rent controls. We all know this is a horrible idea. But if you think it through it could mean even more tailwind to starter home price appreciation. Regardless, once again, policies in the US make it clear anyone with assets is a target. The solution? Diversify your portfolio! Not just with different cities, but different political jurisdictions (countries) and currencies.Follow us:
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