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Why Things Feel So Horrible

Via, Whenever equity markets get choppy we spend some time reconsidering Prospect Theory, the first behavioral finance concept to ever win a Nobel Prize. Here is how it works through the lens of a simple example: Suppose a stranger offers you a choice between a coin flip gamble or a sure thing. The coin flip… Read More

Citi Facing $180 Million Loss On Loan To Asian Hedge Fund

It’s not just hedge funds that are blowing up left and right: so are the banks that are lending them money. Citigroup is facing losses of up to $180 million on loans made to an unnamed Asian hedge fund which saw major losses on its FX trades Bloomberg reports citing a person briefed on the… Read More

The Fed – Cutting Off Its Nose To Spite Its Face

Authored by Peter Tchir via Academy Securities, As we head into Wednesday’s Fed decision, I am not sure how a ‘data dependent’ Fed hikes.  Or at least not one with a modicum of self-doubt about whether hiking rates AND shrinking the balance sheet might have more of a toxic effect than previously thought. When Did… Read More

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