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In Memoriam, 2017

Authored by Robert Gore via, You don’t fight for your country, you fight for your government. The Golden Pinnacle, by Robert Gore On Memorial Day, America remembers and honors those who died while serving in the military. It is altogether fitting and proper to ask: for what did they die? Do the rationales offered […]

Biden Bashes "Distracted" Democrats For Ignoring Working-Class Concerns

After declaring to a bunch of SALT Conference attendees last month that Hillary “was never a great candidate,” former Vice President Joe Biden criticized the Democratic Party's campaign strategy for winning over working class voters, saying that too many were distracted by the Trump campaign's negativity, the Hill reported.   “Because of the negative campaign […]

"The Technology Is Getting Real" – Laser Weapons Edge Closer To Battlefield Use

Three months after China unveiled "Silent Hunter" – its vehicle-slicing laser weapon, Stars & Stripes reports that US military forces are testing their own array of hi-tech weaponry.    The Silent Hunter laser is powerful enough to cut through light vehicle armor at up to a kilometer away, making you wonder if China already has […]

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