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Hong Kong's Anti-Singles-Day Push Threatens Recession

Authored by Danielle DiMartino Booth via, As the Hong Kong protests enter their 11th week, Chinese authorities may be disappointed given nine out of ten students support a campaign to boycott classes after school resumes September 2nd Hong Kong enjoys the 11th highest per capita worldwide on a purchasing power parity basis, one notch above that… Read More

Streaming Wars: Apple To Spend Over $6 Billion On Original Shows

In a world where Netflix already has tens of billions in “off the books” content liabilities, and Disney is about to engage in a deathmatch with the legacy streaming video giant as a war erupts over the streaming video crown, a new entrant is set to send shockwaves across the sector, and with a warchest… Read More


"God Of Chaos" Asteroid Will Get Closer Than Orbiting Satellites In 2029, Researchers Warn Impact Would Be "Devastating For All Life"

It may be 10 years away, but NASA is already preparing for the arrival of what is being called the “God of Chaos” asteroid, which is slated to skim past the earth in 10 years, according to Express. The asteroid has been named 99942 Apophis. The asteroid is gargantuan, measuring 340 meters across, and will come within… Read More

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