Bill Ackman: "I’m Only Second To Donald Trump In Terms Of Clicks On The Internet"

There are several delightful tidbits in this weekend’s FT interview with ADP CEO Carlos Rodriguez, who has been engaged in a bitter proxy fight with activist investor Bill ackman. For those who are familiar with the Pershing Square head, it will come as no surprise that he has long harbored megalomaniac tendencies. For everyone else, […]

Low Volatility Could Be a Safety Net

The CBOE Volatility Index (VIX) has been well below its long-term average (of around 20), according to a recent article in Barron’s, which suggests that this might not necessarily be a bad thing for the stock market. The article says that, given the world’s current state of chaos, we might expect volatility to be higher. […]

Canada: Monetary and Fiscal Updates This Week

Many observers saw Canada as one of the canaries in the coal mine, warning that the divergence theme was over.  The Bank of Canada did hike rates twice in Q3.  The Federal Reserve did not hike at all.  Isn’t that the definition of convergence? Yes and no.  The Bank of Canada’s rate hikes were not […]

GE Is Crashing… Again

After Friday's farcical face-ripping ramp back to recent highs (from a 10% plunge pre-market) after dismal earnings and outlook, it appears 'investors' took the weekend to actually read the report and transcripts… Someone turn the bloody machines back on!! Bloomberg reports that General Electric’s weak third-quarter results and outlook prompted multiple rating downgrades on Monday, […]

The Sqeeze Is On

Has anyone besides me wondered what happened to the documented accusations about Ray Dalio and his Bridgewater fund management operation?  The allegations were out there and it was big news for about a day.  I would appear to have been quickly covered-up and the media has been given a “leave it alone” warning. It’s been […]

The War On Savers Hits A New, Disturbing Level…

This post The War On Savers Hits A New, Disturbing Level… appeared first on Daily Reckoning. Last week, I received a message from my colleague and fellow Daily Edge contributor Davis Ruzicka that nearly made me spit out my coffee. Here it is: The link was to a news story reporting that Congress is considering […]

Common Commodity Misconceptions

Commodities are the most basic economic goods, providing essential inputs into progressively more complex goods at advanced stages of production. Yet the economic mainstream generally fails to understand commodities, treating them as distinct from the processes whereby they are created and the processes they subsequently enable, when in fact they are an integral part of […]

MARKETS… WE GOT TROUBLE: Debt & Brain-Dead Retail Investors Prop Up Stocks

As the Dow Jones Index hits another all-time high today, smart money is rushing to the exits. You see, smart money knows when something is too good to be true. Unfortunately for the retail investor who is suffering from acute BRAIN DAMAGE, they are doing quite the opposite. As institutions sellout on each new market […]

Platinum, Palladium, or Rhodium

David Morgan of the Morgan Report sits downs with Maurice Jackson of Proven and Probable to discuss anomalies currently in the Precious Metals sector. Specifically, we will be discussing Platinum, Palladium, and Rhodium. David will uncover the supply and demand fundamentals on mining, cost of production, utility, and ratios. Speculators will find some unique opportunities […]

Validea’s Investing Education Series: P/E Ratio

By Justin J. Carbonneau —  In our book, “The Guru Investor: How to Beat the Market Using History’s Best Investment Strategies”, we called Benjamin Graham the “Granddaddy of the Gurus” given his track record and influence on other value investors, including Warren Buffett, Mario Gabelli and many others. If Graham was the Granddaddy of the […]

Gigaba’s maiden budget to further squeeze consumers

Fiscal policy has a direct impact on the financial well-being of all South Africans. The way in which state finances are managed affects the quality of public services received, how consumer savings are protected, and overall peace of mind about financial prosperity. In a sound and healthy environment, financial wellness is achieved when people have […]

Abenomics' Landslide Win Dents Japanese Yen, Gold Prices Drop to $1275 'Support'

GOLD PRICES fell to 2-week lows against a rising US Dollar on Monday as world stock markets pushed upwards from new record closing highs after the ruling government in Japan won its ‘snap’ election with a landslide.   The Japanese Yen sank to a 3-month low versus the Dollar, and Tokyo shares hit 21-year highs, […]

The Value of Cash

This article was originally published on The typical equities investment mandate and most mutual funds are required to be fully invested in stocks. The mindset being that the asset allocation decision is a separate function from stock selection. So for instance in the case of a balanced fund, the asset allocator determines the percentage of […]

Next Wall Street Crash Looms? Lessons On Anniversary Of 1987 Crash

– Next Wall Street Crash looms? Lessons on anniversary of crash – 30 years since stock market  ‘Black Monday’ crash of 1987 – Dow Jones Industrial Average fell 22.6% on October 19, 1987 – S&P 500, FTSE and DAX fell 20%, 11% & 9% respectively – Gold rose 24.5% in 1987 (see chart), acting as safe […]

Dow 500,000? We Are Already There!

I genuinely admire Morgan Housel. I think he is a brilliant and talented writer. However, he sent out a tweet on Friday that really struck a chord with me. If you’re less than 50 years old and the market returns at least 5% a year on average the Dow will hit 100,000 in most of […]

Mueller Investigating Podesta Group In Connection With Russia Probe

Content originally published at  Tony Podesta and his lobbying firm the Podesta Group are under federal investigation by FBI Special Counsel Robert Mueller in connection with the Russia investigation, three sources told NBC News. The firm, co-founded by Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager John Podesta, was subpoenaed in late August along with three other public relations firms who worked with former Trump […]

US Dollar Starts New Week on Firm Note

The US dollar is enjoying modest gains against most currencies as prospects of both tax reform and additional monetary tightening by the Fed carry over from last week.  The strong showing of the Liberal Democrats in Japan, where the governing coalition has maintained its super-majority is seen as confirmation of continuity.  This helped lift Japanese […]

Daily Solutions – 23 October 2017

JOHANNESBURG – The JSE all share ended the day flat on Friday after trading in positive territory for most of the day as global markets benefited from news of possible tax cuts in the US. US President Donald Trump received a boost as the budget blueprint for 2018 was cleared in the Republican-controlled Senate on […]