Snippet:  There will be no equivocating, fence sitting or any kind of hedging or expression of doubt in what is written in this update. Let me be absolutely clear: – we are now at the threshold of a barnburner rally in the Precious Metals sector, and silver is set to scream higher driven by a […]

5 Things I Look for in Exploration Companies

Snippet:  There is a decent number of executives in the junior industry that were part of or led a company to an acquisition. If they have done it before then they know what needs to be done in order to do it again. If management has not been involved in a transaction, check to see […]

Forest fires force temporary closure of two BC mines

A hot and dry summer in British Columbia has set forests aflame, and last week the effects of Mother Nature were felt by two prominent BC mines. The warnings from Imperial Metals (TSX:III), which operates the Mount Polley copper-gold mine near Williams Lake (also Huckleberry and Red Chris) started on July 10, when the company […]

Junior shakeup in the White Gold District

The White Gold District in the Canadian Yukon territory is continuing to see movement, this time among junior gold explorers hoping to grab a piece of the action. Last week Taku Gold (TSXV:TAK) said it has picked up four White Gold properties from Golden Predator Mining (TSXV:GPY), including one from Golden Predator’s subsidiary, Golden Predator […]

Emerging Markets Week Ahead Preview

(from my colleague Dr. Win Thin) EM FX was mixed on Friday, but largely firmer over the entire week.  Top performers were BRL, KRW, and ZAR, while the worst were ARS, MXN, and RUB.  FOMC meeting this week poses some potential risks to the global liquidity story that’s supporting EM.  Within EM, the low inflation/easy monetary […]

In the Footsteps of Rome: Is Renewal Possible?

Once the shared memories of these values are lost, the Empire ceases to exist; there is nothing left to reform or renew.×250.js Is renewal / recovery from systemic decline possible? The history of the Roman Empire is a potentially insightful place to start looking for answers. As long-time readers know, I’ve been studying both the […]

History And The Importance of Gold

Gold Bullion is the world’s oldest asset class and the century’s best performing currency. In this brand new GoldMoney Inc roundtable recorded in Toronto, top executives from the company explore the history of gold as currency and how the banking system evolved over time. – Source Source: James Turk

TheDailyGold Premium Update #527

TheDailyGold #527, a 28-page update has been published. We cover our short-term views on the sector including what sentiment indicators are saying about Gold & Silver as well as the US Dollar. We provide updated comments on our holdings as well comments on a stock we are itching to buy and another company that is […]

Adam Taggart On Financial Repression – Negative Interest Rates And Capital Controls

The All-Out War On Savers (aka Financial Repression) “As we’ve written about often here at, those running today’s economy are doing their utmost to keep prudent savers like you from keeping their cash safely on the sidelines. They desperately want your savings pushed out into the economy so that their over-leveraged casino can continue […]

David Rosenberg: Biggest Influence On Financial Markets Will Be Demographics

“‘Nothing is more important than this if you are looking at what will fundamentally influence the financial markets for the next decade-plus’… is demographics.” LINK HERE to the article Disclaimer: The views or opinions expressed in this blog post may or may not be representative of the views or opinions of the Financial Repression Authority. […]

Speculators Switch to Net Long Canadian Dollar Futures

Since the beginning of May the Canadian dollar has been the strongest of the major currencies. However, until the most recent CFTC reporting week ending July 18,  speculators in the futures market were net short.  The persistent buying has seen the speculative gross long position rise to 60k contracts (adding nearly 14k contracts during the […]

Overvaluation is NOT Due to Passive Investing

Photo Credit: Hagens_world || I want to buy 1% of all of the items there in one nice neat package! ============ There’s been a lot of words thrown around lately saying that indexing has been leading to overvaluation of the US stock market.  I’m here to tell you that is wrong.  I have two reasons […]

Horror at a New York Art Gallery

This post Horror at a New York Art Gallery appeared first on Daily Reckoning. Lolling about in the upmarket precincts of New York’s SoHo district recently, we chanced upon a ghastly scene… A young, voguish couple in an art gallery… at close quarters with a square of canvas on the wall. On that canvas was […]

Fine Art’s Worth More Than Its Weight in Gold

This post Fine Art’s Worth More Than Its Weight in Gold appeared first on Daily Reckoning. I believe fine art has a place in investors portfolio. I do a lot of work for the U.S. intelligence community, trying to thwart terrorist finance and transnational actors, as we call them. This includes money laundering, smuggling and […]

Dollar Slide Continues

The US dollar lost ground against all the major currencies, save sterling, over the past week, and also fell against most emerging market currencies.  There is little from a technical or fundamental perspective, including next week’s FOMC meeting, that suggests a reversal is at hand. Investors accept that the US economy rebounded in Q2 from […]

Book Bits | 22 July 2017

● Rethinking the Economics of Land and Housing By Josh Ryan-Collins, et al. Summary via publisher (Zed Books) Why are house prices in many advanced economies rising faster than incomes? Why isn’t land and location taught or seen as important in modern economics? What is the relationship between the financial system and land? In this […]