$hithole Countries? 673 Million People Still Defecate Outdoors

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The United Nations has released a new report focusing on water, sanitation and hygiene around the world. It has found that approximately 2.2 billion people worldwide lack access to safe drinking water, 4.2 billion have to go without safe sanitation services and three billion lack basic handwashing facilities. The report also examined the state of open… Read More

Thursday’s News Links

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[Reuters] Stocks rally, bond yields plunge as Fed fuels rate cut hopes [Reuters] Gold sprints to over 5-year peak after Fed hints at rate cuts [Reuters] China to stand firm as trade talks with U.S. restart: state media [Reuters] Bank of Japan holds fire on policy, warns of heightening global risks [Reuters] Australia’s central bank flags lower rates in jobs… Read More

China: The Perfect High-Tech Totalitarian State

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Authored by Judith Bergman via The Gatestone Institute, In China, censorship, now largely automated, has reached “unprecedented levels of accuracy, aided by machine learning and voice and image recognition.” — Cate Cadell, Reuters, May 26, 2019. As in other Communist regimes, such as that of the former Soviet Union, the Communist ideology does not tolerate… Read More

"Migration Is Part Of The Model": The Real Roots Of Central America's Migrant Crisis

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When the average American thinks about Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador, their initial impression is typically that these are destitute countries overrun by crime, poverty and malnutrition, with central governments that are, at best, only semi-functioning. The crisis at the southern border has only helped reinforce these perceptions, as the mainstream media spins a narrative… Read More

Dominoes, Hegemonies, & The Future Of Humanity

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Authored by Mahwah Salamah via Off-Guardian.org, What did the domino tile say to its neighbour? “Don’t worry, it is happening far away!” and they both happily continued to stare at their ‘white dots’, ignoring the collapsing carnage down the line. Dominoes aren’t very smart; they are, after all, inanimate objects! <!–[if IE 9]><![endif]–><!–[if IE 9]><![endif]–> People,… Read More

Rejoice. The End Of Banking Is Nigh…

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Authored by Simon Black via SovereignMan.com, On January 3, 2009, about six months before I launched Sovereign Man more than a decade ago, the Bitcoin blockchain came into existence. 50 bitcoins were mined by the network’s creator in that very first transaction. And within a few days, the first open-source Bitcoin software was released. Few… Read More