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Could A Deutsche Bank Collapse Crash The Markets?

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“I don’t think it’s any coincidence that gold runs from $1285 to as high as $1445 around the time that all the news about Deutsche Bank started coming out” [the failure to merge with Commerzbank followed by the “good bank / bad bank” split announcement]. Deutsche Bank is being prevented from collapsing by the German… Read More

Should You Invest in Marijuana Stocks?

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Listen on: iTunes | Google Podcasts | Online  Question: What do you think about investing in marijuana stocks? We have a great front-row view of this industry, as Colorado was one of the earlier states to legalize marijuana. We think making money on marijuana (cannabis with high content of intoxicating THC) and hemp (cannabis that contains low content of THC)… Read More

Disclosing Positions

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Not many investors have been likened to Warren Buffett in their investment career. Besides numerous other aspects, you would need to have an incredible track record for one, and most of the Investment Masters, despite having enviable track records themselves, have found it difficult to match Buffett and his long history of success. UK based… Read More

AI Pores Over Old Scientific Papers, Makes Discoveries Overlooked By Humans

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When AI isn’t busy taking our jobs, it’s making brand new scientific discoveries that our clunky human brains somehow overlooked.  <!–[if IE 9]><![endif]–><!–[if IE 9]><![endif]–> Researchers from Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory trained an AI called Word2Vec on scientific papers to see if there was any “latent knowledge” that humans weren’t able to grock on first pass. … Read More

The Quake To Make Los Angeles A Radioactive Dead Zone

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Authored by Harvey Wasserman via Had the previous Friday’s 7.1 earthquake and other ongoing seismic shocks hit less than 200 miles northwest of Ridgecrest/China Lake, ten million people in Los Angeles would now be under an apocalyptic cloud, their lives and those of the state and nation in radioactive ruin.     The likely… Read More

The Best And Worst States For Retirees

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Census data show that 4 out of 10 Americans over the age of 65 have moved at least once, which is hardly surprising: retirees must adjust to living on a fixed income, and sometimes that requires moving somewhere more affordable. Ideally for many, that place will be somewhere along the sun belt with warm weather… Read More

Healthcare Providers In Canada Turn To CBD To Help Difficult Dementia Symptoms

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Authored by Mac Slavo via, Healthcare teams in Canada have turned to CBD (cannabidiol) oil to help patients relieve their difficult dementia symptoms. Some disruptive behaviors have become increasingly hard to treat, and many say CBD is the answer. According to CTV News, aggression and other disruptive behaviors linked to Alzheimer’s disease are notoriously difficult to treat, sometimes… Read More

Iconic New York Luxury Store Barneys Considering Bankruptcy

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Earlier today, we reported that as part of the Amazon-catalyzed ongoing retail apocalypse, some 12,000 stores are expected to close. Well, make that 12,001 because according to Reuters, New York’s most iconic luxury department store, Barneys New York, is exploring options that include a bankruptcy filing, as the highly levered company struggles with high rents… Read More

My Advice to the Fed on “Low Inflation”: Use a Different Index for Crying Out Loud and Tell the BLS to be Less Aggressive with “Hedonic Quality Adjustments”

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US CPI v PCE core 2019 07

The Fed could instantly claim victory and pocket the kudos. For the first time in history, the Fed is officially and vocally considering the use of monetary policy to increase inflation, or at least inflation expectations. On Friday, it was the turn of Chicago Fed President Charles Evans to drill this message into the minds… Read More

Meet The Madam: Epstein Arrest Casts Spotlight On Clinton-Linked Socialite

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Following the arrest of pedophile financier Jeffrey Epstein last Saturday, many outlets have turned their attention to his longtime confiante, socialite heiress Ghislaine Maxwell – who has been accused by three women of procuring and training young girls to perform massage and sexual acts on the 66-year-old registered sex offender and his associates.  <!–[if IE 9]><![endif]–><!–[if IE… Read More

The Death Of The Homebuyer Bidding-War

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The U.S. homebuyer market has cooled off so quickly that buyers are now four times less likely to face a bidding war than 12 months ago, according to Bloomberg.  <!–[if IE 9]><![endif]–><!–[if IE 9]><![endif]–> 12% of buyers in June faced competitive bids compared to 52% a year prior. San Francisco remains the country’s most competitive market, but… Read More

Russian Rocket Launched Carrying Space Observatory

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To keep our newsroom in Moscow running, we need your support. With your help, we can continue with our mission to keep you informed with breaking news, business analysis, thought-provoking opinions, the best of culture and insights into everyday life. Source:

Nuclear Is Japan's Only Choice For Energy Independence

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Via Global Risk Insights, Japan has adopted a peaceful approach towards nuclear technology, limiting it to the use of supplying electricity. This is despite being the only nation to have suffered devastating effects of nuclear warfare. However, the 2011 tsunami triggered an accident at the Fukushima nuclear plant and dramatically changed public sentiment with widespread protests calling for… Read More

A Third Of All European IG Bonds Have Negative Yields

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With much fanfare, and an astronomical (literally) dose of clickbait, Bloomberg leads off today with an article about “The Black Hole Engulfing the World’s Bond Markets“… <!–[if IE 9]><![endif]–><!–[if IE 9]><![endif]–> … which beyond the tantalizing headline says little that has not been already covered for years before, as well as recently, namely the $13+… Read More