Much to be learnt from getting into trenches of your business

Got to do one of the things I really love yesterday – welcome back a bunch of Biznews Premium subscribers who’d left us after we let a corporate subscription expire. Unforgivable I know, but 2018 was a year of such heavy lifting you just had to know some important stuff would go missing.

What really lifted my spirit, though, was being able to confidently share how they’re set for a much improved experience. Since they were last with us, the Premium content has been streamlined, we’re over months of teething pain with our Wall Street Journal integration, and we’ve also successfully instigated the Premium-only Whatsapp and Twitter services.

But the part of the note that excited me most was telling tell them that if anything went awry, they were please to email us at [email protected]. This time I knew it was completely authentic. And was happy to invite them to put our “customer obsessed” promise to the test.

Seeing our support function running smoothly is giving me more satisfaction than anything else we tackled last year. Perhaps because I joined the team in the boiler room, getting intimately involved in the area where most managers are purposefully absent. It taught me more about the business than I could ever have imagined. Much to be said for getting into the trenches.


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