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Next 1,000% Gainer in Cryptocurrency Space

NIA believes that it has just discovered the next 1,000% gainer in the Cryptocurrency space. One week from today, NIA will be announcing it publicly to all NIA members, but if you would like to learn about NIA’s #1 Cryptocurrency stock suggestion for 2018 right away you can do so by clicking here and making a small contribution in either Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash to fund the production and marketing of NIA’s soon to be released Cryptocurrency documentary that will expose the truth about Bitcoin’s 2017 price gains.

After making a small gain on Friday on light volume, this stock’s chart appears to be perfectly positioned for a major short-term breakout. This well-funded, debt free company has a very low market cap and we believe is a 100% sure thing to rise significantly from its Friday closing price. Its float is very tightly held and the #1 highest market cap technology company in the entire Cryptocurrency space is a major shareholder. Somehow, it has remained completely undiscovered up until now!

This company pioneered the underlying technology used today in Cryptocurrency mining. Unbelievably, it has the backing of a major government that has agreed to help fund the commercialization of their latest technological breakthrough that promises to revolutionize one of the world’s largest industries. A major catalyst is ahead in the upcoming weeks that will make this stock the focus of the investment community!

If you want to see the type of move this stock is likely to soon make, take a look at the gains achieved today by Longfin Corp (LFIN). This company is basically a worthless shell, but after announcing this morning that it is acquiring “a Blockchain-empowered solutions provider that offers Microfinance Lending against Collateralized Warehouse Receipts in the form of Ziddu Coins”LFIN gained by $16.62 or 308.41% in a single day to close at $22.01 per share where it now has an insanely high market cap of $1.7 billion.

NIA’s #1 Cryptocurrency stock suggestion for 2018 is listed on a Canadian exchange, but on Tuesday NIA will be releasing Part 2 of its exclusive VIP report featuring its favorite NASDAQ listed Cryptocurrency stock suggestion for 2018. All members who contribute this weekend to receive Part 1 of NIA’s report to learn about NIA’s #1 Cryptocurrency stock suggestion for 2018 one week in advance before our December 22nd public announcement, will automatically receive Part 2 of NIA’s report on Tuesday at 2PMEST! To immediately receive Part 1 of NIA’s exclusive report, click here now.


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