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NIA’s Top 3 Cryptocurrency Stock Suggestions for 2018

NIA has just published Part 1 of its exclusive VIP report “NIA Top 3 Cryptocurrency Stock Suggestions for 2018”.

To send your contribution of 0.05 Bitcoin or 0.5 Bitcoin Cash to fund NIA’s upcoming cryptocurrency documentary and immediately have access to part 1 of NIA’s report: click here.

Part 2 will be released on Tuesday, December 19, at 2PMEDT.

Part 3 will be released on Thursday, December 21, at 2PMEDT.

NIA members who contribute to receive part 1 will receive parts 2 and 3 by email at those dates/times at no additional cost. Please make sure you provide your correct email address.

To send your contribution go to:

If you send your contribution before 3:45PMEDT you will receive the report by email prior to today’s close of trading, even if it has 0 confirmations.


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