One-Third Of Millennials Believe They Have A Better Chance Of Dating An A-Lister Than Owning A Home

There isn’t a lot American millennials wouldn’t do to have a chance at owning a home some day.

According to a survey of 500 millennials conducted by OnePoll, nearly half of millennials would swear off Instagram forever, and one in four would be willing to spend a week in jail, if it would help them one day achieve the American dream of owning their own home. One in four survey respondents said they would have attended the Fyre Festival – the doomed festival on a Bahamanian island that led to millions of dollars in lawsuits and a jail sentence for its organizer.

In a sign of how desperately out of reach most millennials consider homeownership to be, some 30% of respondents said they felt they had a better chance of dating an A-list celebrity than ever owning their own home. Meanwhile, 40% of respondents said they felt homeownership is “completely out of the question” unless they inherit property from their parents, and 42% said they would like to buy a home, but they simply can’t afford it. Nearly half of respondents believe (correctly) that buying a home would be more difficult now than it was 30 years ago. In a similar vein, only 8% of millennials disagreed with the belief that life is harder now than it was for Baby Boomers.

Here’s a complete rundown of the survey responses, courtesy of the New York Post.


In another unsurprising finding, nearly one-quarter of respondents said they have actually put off having children because they can’t afford homes. And this state of affairs is unlikely to change – at least not any time soon. Burdened by student debt, another study published late last year found that half of millennials have no money saved for a down payment.

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