Paul Craig Roberts – US Military Wants an Enemy

Dr. Paul Craig Roberts thinks sanctions and provocations with Russia and China are “acts of war” by the U.S. Roberts contends the U.S. does not want war. If there is war, Dr. Roberts says it will have nothing to do with a failing economy. Roberts contends, “The notion that the government is somehow worried about the economy and, therefore, we will go to war, that’s not likely. In fact, I think the military security complex doesn’t really want a war. They want an enemy like they had with the Soviet Union for all those decades of the ‘Cold War.’ They want a renewed Cold War. They want an ever present threat because that keeps the budget funded. It keeps it growing, and it keeps their power in place. So, this is what they want, but these things can backfire. These are the kinds of things that will produce a war. It won’t be some conscious decision. . . . If you are talking war with Russia, nothing will be left standing.”

On the economy, Dr. Roberts, who was an Assistant Treasury Secretary in the Reagan Administration and holds a PhD in economics, says, “There is no economy there. The markets are rigged. The Fed has a huge trading desk, and they can trade anything.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with former Assistant Treasury Secretary Dr. Paul Craig Roberts.


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