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Protected: What Will the Fed Do Now? Part One

The economic commentary to the right accurately guided readers through the turns of the Great Recession and focused on the fatal flaws of the Fed’s fake recovery for years. If you don’t believe me, ask readers who have been around for years when you’re in the comments section. As a result, many readers have stepped forward to offer their financial support.

I’m an equal-opportunity critic toward Republicans and Democrats because both parties are packed with the pocket politicians of the bailout banksters who broke our world and who are breaking it again. Along with the military-industrial complex, these parasites of your wealth form “the establishment.” That’s why neither the Warfare Party nor the Welfare Party has ever had the vision to lead us to sustainable prosperity for the 90%, and they never will without extreme pressure from the middle.

Our windbag economists are no better. They never saw the Great Recession coming, though I did. In fact, many of them said there was no recession anywhere in sight, while I took criticism for saying in 2007 an economic crisis was imminent due to a housing collapse that was just beginning and would develop into a globally catastrophic crash of banks.

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–David Haggith


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