RMB Enables NCP Alcohol’s Long-Term Growth Strategy

RMB is proud to have financed NCP Alcohols’ plant reconfiguration – enabling the ethanol producer to switch its raw material to improve efficiencies, profitability and long-term growth.

RMB’s partnership with NCP Alcohols serves as a testament to RMB’s appetite for CIB solutions that assist clients in achieving their evolutionary vision.

RMB acted as lender, export credit agency, hedging capital and working capital provider to NCP Alcohols which enabled the company to switch its raw material from molasses to maize due to changing economic factors, thereby future-proofing the NCP Alcohols business.

RMB’s multi-disciplinary CIB offering and Solutionist Thinking approach was put to the test in solving this complex deal in industrial project finance. It demonstrates an unwavering commitment to be a part of NCP Alcohols’ growth narrative and to ensure the continuity and success of business into the future.

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