SALES EXPLODE: U.S. Mint Sells Another Million Silver Eagles Past Two Days

Silver Eagle Sales FEB vs MAR 11 2020

With the spread of the Global Contagion, the demand for physical precious metals has increased significantly.  According to the U.S. Mint’s newest update, another million Silver Eagles were sold over the past two days.  This brings to total Silver Eagle sales in March at 2.3 million, more than three times the previous month.

On my last update, the U.S. Mint sold a total of 1,345,000 Silver Eagles as of March 9th. Over the next two days, another 975,000 Silver Eagles were sold for a total of 2,320,000.

Silver Eagle Sales Feb Vs Mar 11 2020 - Sales Explode:  U.s. Mint Sells Another Million Silver Eagles Past Two Days - Investing

We haven’t seen this type of buying for quite some time.  The U.S. Mint doesn’t sell Silver Eagles directly to the public, but rather to Authorized Purchasers who sell to the public.  So, these sales figures represent purchases by the Authorized Dealers.  Regardless, if the Authorized Dealers are buying a great deal more Silver Eagles in March, they are doing so because they are experiencing much higher demand from the public.

However, there may be a problem shortly for the Authorized Dealers if the U.S. Mint runs out of stocks of Silver Eagles.  Why?  Because, the U.S. Mint has cut back on monthly production runs of Silver Eagles due to the decreased demand for the past few years.  I doubt the U.S. Mint will be able to supply another 1-2 million Silver Eagles in a short period of time.  Thus, we may see the U.S. Mint suspend sales of Silver Eagles shortly until they can increase stocks.


If you do not own any physical precious metals, it may be a good idea to start DIVERSIFYING some assets into Gold and Silver.  With the continued spread of the Global Contagion and coming disruptions in the Just-In-Time Inventory Supply Chain, it’s highly likely that demand for precious metals will only increase going forward. With rising demand and constrained supply, we may start to see much higher prices for gold and silver.

I will continue to post updates as the U.S. Mint provides new sales figures.

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