SPAC Attack: Snowflake’s IPO, Nikola Motors Acquisition and Backdoor Money

spac attack snowflakes ipo nikola motors acquisition and backdoor money 1

You might’ve heard about the Snowflake IPO making headlines. It’s a company with a special type of deal structure that most investors might not have heard of before. And leading the charge and fury in the IPO markets are SPAC’s, short for Special Purpose Acquisition Companies. In this week’s KII Marin discusses:
– SPACS: what they are and why investors love them
– VectoIQ acquisition of Nikola Motors
– How to make money with SPACS quickly
– Renaissance IPO Index
– U.S. Presidential Election on Resource Stocks
– Equity financings in the precious metals sector
– The flood of paper entering the market in 2020 πŸ‘‰ Become a subscriber of Katusa's Resource Opportunities to be prepared for his next major opportunity as an alligator investor πŸ‘‰ Download Marin’s FREE blueprint of his strategies of making money in the resource market with "Resource Market Millionaire" πŸ‘‰ Subscribe to our YouTube Channel for insights and interviews with industry leaders: #SPAC #SPACKATTACK #goldstocks #nikolamotors #snowflakeipo #vectoiq # #Macroeconomics #USD #currency #federalreserve #bonds #yield #freetrading #preciousmetals #ipo #ipoindex @Peter Schiff @Epic Economist @George Gammon @Real Vision Finance @Principles by Ray Dalio @Roger James Hamilton Source :

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