Inflation Breeds Even More InflationThorsten Polleit

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I. Warning against Fiduciary Media Early in the 20th century, Ludwig von Mises warned against the consequences of granting the government control over the money supply. Such a regime inevitably creates money through bank credit that is not backed by real savings—a type of money that Mises termed “fiduciary media.” In 1912, Mises wrote, It… Read More

A Case for One Billion Americans?David Gordon

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One Billion Americans: The Case for Thinking Biggerby Matthew YglesiasPortfolio Penguin, 2020xx + 267 pages Matthew Yglesias, a cofounder of Vox and frequent writer for it, has some useful insights in this book. But he perfectly exemplifies a type of mind that is capable of doing great damage. I hesitate to say this, as he… Read More

🔴 Biden to Throw Drowning Economy an Anchor – Ep 645Peter Schiff

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Power and ignorance is a dangerous combination. Biden’s stimulus plan will make the European Union look responsible by comparison. Affirm’s IPO epitomizes what’s wrong with markets and the economy. Dollar denominated financial assets on expedited track to worthlessness. Free $75 credit to upgrade your post at Terms and conditions apply. Invest like me:… Read More

What Is Fascism? It’s the System We’ve Been Living under for Decades.Llewellyn H. Rockwell Jr.

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[Editor’s Note: In 2011, Lew Rockwell penned this thorough explanation of what fascism really is and what must be done to combat it. Fascism, unlike what the dominant media narrative asserts, has virtually nothing to do with people expressing politically incorrect opinions, or people refusing to wear masks, or a group of disorganized rioters smashing windows… Read More

We’re about to suffer worse than I thought.Peter Schiff

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Peter Schiff explains where the opportunities can be found in the unfolding financial crisis. Recorded at the January 2021 Virtual Money Show. #PeterSchiff #2021 #money Invest like me: RATE AND REVIEW the Peter Schiff Show Podcast on Facebook. SIGN UP FOR MY FREE NEWSLETTER: Schiff Gold News: Buy my newest book… Read More

It’s the productivity, stupid!Mona S

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Editor’s Note: Walter Block is an Austrian economist, a libertarian thinker, and professor at Loyola University. He is the author of more than 600 articles in professional journals, two dozen books, and thousands of op-eds (including the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, and numerous others). He is a long-time friend of Doug Casey and has known… Read More

Carl Menger and the Sesquicentennial Founding of the Austrian SchoolRichard M. Ebeling

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There are few works in the history of economics that may be truly considered “revolutionary” and “pathbreaking,” in their starting premises, logic, and implications. But one that is in this category is Carl Menger’s Grundsätze der Volkswirtschaftsliche, his Principles of Economics in its English translation. This year marks the 150th anniversary of its publication in… Read More

The Upside of Lockdowns: More SavingDoug French

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Something good is coming out of the covid lockdowns. Economist David Rosenberg released a special report via the eponymous Rosenberg Research, concluding “the pre-COVID-19 ‘norm’ of a 7% personal savings rate will morph into a post-COVID-19 norm of 10%.” Rosenberg makes frequent TV appearances after he was chief North American economist at Merrill Lynch in New York… Read More

Bitcoin isn’t used for anything but gamblingPeter Schiff

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Peter Schiff discusses Bitcoin and gold prices on Fox Business with Charles Payne. Recorded January 11, 2021. Invest like me: RATE AND REVIEW the Peter Schiff Show Podcast on Facebook. SIGN UP FOR MY FREE NEWSLETTER: Schiff Gold News: Buy my newest book at Follow me on Facebook: Follow… Read More

There Is No Such Thing as TreasonRyan McMaken

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“Treason” is quickly becoming a favorite word among Washington politicos and their media allies. One need not look hard to find countless examples. For example, a late-night talk show host called the January 6 Capitol riot the “treason finale” of the Trump era. A Washington Post columnist concludes “the founders” would have “denounced it as… Read More

Marathon Asset Management: Value And Growth (2013)Johnny Hopkins

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The book Capital Returns, edited by Edward Chancellor, provides a great collection of essays from Marathon Asset Management – some of which were written by the elusive investing legend Nicholas Sleep. With the recent release of Howard Marks’ memo titled – Something of Value, one of the essays titled – Value And Growth from 2013 seems… Read More

🔴 Commodity Boom Evidences Inflation, Not Growth – Ep 644Peter Schiff

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Agricultural commodities ore on fire. Nobody needs bitcoin. A market driven by inflation is different than a market driven by earnings. Biden administration will exploit the attempted “insurrection” Tech currying favor from Biden administration through conservative censorship. Get an extra 3 months. Invest like me: RATE AND REVIEW the Peter Schiff Show Podcast… Read More

Let Unsound Money Wither AwayJoseph T. Salerno

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[This is a revised version of written testimony submitted to the the Subcommittee on Domestic Monetary Policy and Technology of the Committee on Financial Services, US House of Representatives, “Fractional Reserve Banking and Central Banking as Sources of Economic Instability: The Sound Money Alternative,” June 28, 2012.] Chairman Paul and members of the subcommittee, I… Read More