Fear is Coming to the Market

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The SPX closes right at the edge of the lower expected move for the week. Once again the expected moves Don talks about every Friday has played a major factor in the market. Will fear cause investors to pull out of this market near all time highs? Or will the status quo continue to drive… Read More

It's Easy to Believe AOC Has an Economics Degree

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It has become something of a tradition in the free-market corners of social media to express shock and dismay over the possibility that New York Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) — an avowed “democratic socialist” — has an economics degree from Boston University. This is how it works: AOC makes a statement that is notably anti-market,… Read More

Morning Crash: Here Are The Sellers!

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Mini Crash It’s quite amazing that the day after Jim Cramer asked where the sellers were the market has a mini crash. S&P 500 fell 1.23% from peak to trough in 50 minutes on Thursday morning. That confused traders who didn’t see it coming. After the market gapped down, traders bought the dip so the… Read More

Manufacturing Spikes & 69% Of Employers See Talent Shortage

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Big Spike In Philly Fed It appears that the manufacturing sector is turning around. It’s coming true despite the weakness in China catalyzed by the coronavirus. Empire Fed index increased sharply and now the Empire Fed index increased too. General business conditions index was up from 17 to 36.7 which was its highest reading in… Read More

Market Sends Warning Sign to Us Today

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The market sent a clear message to us today that risk still is present and volatility can spike without warning at any moment.  In tonight’s video, Corey highlights this “warning sign” the market sent us and updates the successful positions in Gold, Treasuries, and Oil along with stocks. The post Market Sends Warning Sign to… Read More

Where Are The Sellers??

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January Fed Minutes January Minutes suggested the Fed won’t be moving rates anytime soon. That’s a reasonable assessment since inflation is low, but increasing, trade worries have diminished, and equity prices are high. We are living in a so-called Goldilocks economy which means the Fed shouldn’t move in the near term.  Specifically, the Minutes stated,… Read More

Housing Market Is On Fire

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Redbook Sales Growth Improves Consumer spending growth has been humming along just fine based on the recent retail sales reports. They haven’t been amazing, but they are good enough to keep the expansion going. Because other aspects of the economy are weak, real final sales growth was low in Q4 and might be that way… Read More

Time to go Long Energy Stocks?

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The energy sector has been in a decline for the last year as energy prices continue to be deflationary.  Will deflation end in the energy market and provide some great opportunities for long investors?  Don answers this question along with the types of trading strategies you may want to take depending on your risk tolerance…… Read More

Trump's Budget: More Warfare, Slightly Less Welfare

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Last night’s State of the Union was particularly noteworthy for its showmanship. Scholarships were given away, medals were awarded, families reunited. At a time when national politics is bad theater, President Trump is clearly its most gifted star. Trump also knows what sells. As a political figure, he’s motivated not by any consistent ideology, but… Read More

Yra Harris on Risks to the Global Financial System

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“The global financial system seems to be gearing up for massive actions by the global central banks in an effort to calm the potential headwinds that a deflationary fallout would force upon the world. There is a NEGATIVE FEEDBACK LOOP in motion as the U.S. DOLLAR rally against the emerging market currencies will force corporate debtors in emerging economies… Read More

Nouriel Roubini on the Diversification by China and Russia into Gold

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“Dumping US Treasuries would impede China’s economic growth if dollar assets were sold and converted back into renminbi (which would appreciate). But China could diversify its reserves by converting them into another liquid asset that is less vulnerable to US primary or secondary sanctions, namely gold. Indeed, both China and Russia have been stockpiling gold reserves (overtly… Read More

Looking for Trades Beyond the Stock Market

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Stocks continue to make new all time highs over and over again, but if you’re frustrated with this skyward march, take a moment to make sure you’re not missing easier opportunities outside the equity bull market.  In tonight’s video, Corey highlights where we are in the market but also what opportunities are and have been… Read More

Lower Taxes On Investors?

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Update On The Coronavirus Currently, Hubei has a work suspension until February 20th. Obviously, the best case scenario is the suspension is lifted shortly. But that might not happen if deaths continue to rise along with confirmed cases. Specifically, as of February 14th the number of deaths rose 143 to 1,523 and the number of confirmed… Read More

Yra Harris – “Why are gold prices at seven-year highs?”

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“Why are gold prices at seven-year highs? More significantly, why are the GOLD/EUR, GOLD/YUAN, GOLD/YEN, GOLD/SWISS crosses at or close to making all-time highs? When the stock market rally of 1998-2000 was in full swing GOLD was being sold and trading around $280 an ounce. In fact, the BANK OF ENGLAND famously sold its GOLD between 1999 and 2002 because they were so sure of its… Read More

Martin Armstrong on the Crisis unfolding in the Repo Market

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“If there was a free market, then you would have witnessed the bonds crash in price and interest rates rise as people perceived risk. The introduction of negative interest rates which began in late 2014 going into 2015.75 and Quantitative Easing, shifted the risk from the free market to the central banks. This is what I mean that… Read More

Are Markets Ignoring Imminent Risks?

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Stocks hang onto the edge of the expected move this week. It’s awe inspiring to see the market toeing the line of the expected move we discussed in last Fridays video for the last 3 days. What kind of risks and opportunities are in store next week? Tune into this crucial weekend video newsletter update… Read More

Tesla Prints Money To Fund Its Expansion

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Modest Thursday Decline After the number of coronavirus confirmed cases increased due to a change in methodology, the stock market fell modestly on Thursday. S&P 500 was down 0.16% and the Nasdaq fell 0.14%. Russell 2000 was up 0.26% as it outperformed the large caps for the 3rd straight day. It has been on a great… Read More

¿Es Islandia demasiado pequeña? Un islandés dice que no.

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Gylfason señaló cómo los políticos islandeses han afirmado que la pequeña población del país era «nuestro mal social más… Agradecemos a Thorvaldur Gylfason por señalar su artículo de 2009 en el que examina las consecuencias económicas de la pequeña población de Islandia, de sólo unos trescientos mil habitantes. Gylfason señaló cómo los políticos islandeses han… Read More