March is Critical for Commodity Markets and Coronavirus

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Gold soared above $1,600 per ounce this week. The US dollar continues to remain ultra-strong and the US stock markets are at record highs. The flight to safety is in full effect and Bernie Sanders hasn’t even won the Democratic nomination yet. The major theme that has captured the global markets is the Coronavirus. On… Read More

China Sneezes and the World Catches Pneumonia

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The Coronavirus originated in China and is now a global outbreak. It’s gotten so bad that entire cities in China have been shut down. Cities of 10 million people, normally hustling and bustling are eerily silent. Even Foxconn, the maker of Apple iPhones closed their factories for several days. China is an economic powerhouse. The… Read More

Doctor Copper Strikes – A True Economic Barometer

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Copper has long been an excellent proxy for global economic health. It’s used in everything from washing machines to electric cars. That’s why copper is often referred to as “Doctor Copper” – because it can diagnose the health of the market. There’s been a lot of market sentiment that the bottom has been put into… Read More

Junior Gold Stocks Soar, Even When Gold Doesn’t

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Junior gold stocks are high-risk and high reward. In a strong gold bull market, you can throw darts at a board and come out a winner. But the absolute monster returns that add extra digits to your net worth will only come from the top companies. How High Can Junior Gold Stocks Go? The table… Read More

Here’s How to Be Way Smarter than Your Fellow Conference Attendees

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Dear Vancouver Resource Investment Conference attendee, As of October 2019, there were over 1,200 publicly-listed junior resource companies on Canadian stock exchanges. While Canada is a major global player in junior resource finance, the industry doesn’t stop there. Between the U.S. markets, the Australian markets, and the London market, there’s at least 1,500 additional publicly-listed… Read More

Gold Price Rigging Charts

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IM Gold Price 07 11 2017

Investing Matters has been monitoring the extreme price movements on the Gold paper price. Most of the extreme, DOWN price movements are done when London and New York Comex overlap, as illustrated on the chart below. Here are other Gold Price Charts showing the gold price take down.           I would… Read More