A Short Holiday For The Capital Spectator

Summer is here, the livin’ is easy (even if it’s still expensive), and the temptation to play hooky is too strong to resist. But the bills must be paid eventually and so this brief respite ends when the usual routine returns on Monday, June 26. Cheers! Source: The Capital Spectator

RUSSIA vs. USA: Where’s The Gold?

As the United States continues to push towards a military conflict with Russia, there will likely be no real winner when the dust settles. However, if we compare the these two superpowers in the current “gold market”, the Russians are the clear winners. While the U.S. has been (secretly) liquidating its once massive official gold […]

Gold and Silver Are "Asymmetric" Trades

An asymmetric trade is a situation where investing a relatively small amount of money holds the potential of yielding a profit many times the amount of the original sum at risk. In other words, where the risk to reward is skewed massively in the direction of reward. This took place recently with Bitcoin (BTC). Is […]

Gauging The Economic Impact Of Uber

Uber has been in the headlines for all the wrong reasons over these past couple months. I’m sure you’ve seen or heard the headlines. From sexual harassment, to discrimination, to “Greyball” – software that helped Uber drivers evade law enforcement. Everything seems to be imploding for Uber. Amidst all the controversy, CEO Travis Kalanick resigned […]

Are The ‘Toxic’ Democrats Destined To Become A Permanent Minority Party?

It has become exceedingly clear that the Democratic Party is in deep trouble.  Close to 55 million dollars was spent on the race in Georgia’s sixth congressional district, and that shattered all kinds of records.  Democrat Jon Ossoff was able to raise and spend six times as much money as Karen Handel and yet he […]

Automation’s Destruction of Jobs: You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet

Employers have no choice: it’s innovate/automate or die. Automation–networked robotics, software and processes–has already had a major impact on jobs. As this chart from my colleague Gordon T. Long illustrates, the rise of Internet technologies is reflected in the steady, long-term decline of the labor force participation rate– the percentage of the populace that is actively […]

Is Demography Destiny For US GDP Growth?

Forecasting economic activity is generally a thankless task — unless you’re using demographics as a modeling foundation, which provides a surprisingly accurate means for looking ahead. That’s good news for analysts trying to develop robust estimates of GDP growth over a medium-to-long-term horizon. But it’s also bad news if you’re expecting economic activity to accelerate […]

69 Percent Of Americans Do Not Have An Adequate Emergency Fund

Do you have an emergency fund?  If you even have one penny in emergency savings, you are already ahead of about one-fourth of the country.  I write about this stuff all the time, but it always astounds me how many Americans are literally living on the edge financially.  Back in 2008 when the economy tanked […]

Golden Opportunity? Precious Metal Secured Peer to Peer Lender Gets Authorized

There’s a new business model among the ranks of the fully authorised peer-to-peer lenders. Lend & Borrow Trust Company (LBT) is a platform which allows users to borrow against their precious metals. Lenders earn interest by investing in loans that are secured against “investment grade” gold and silver bars. LBT takes effective control of the […]

US Business Cycle Risk Report | 20 June 2017

Economic activity weakened slightly in May, but it’s too soon to say if this is anything more than noise. The broad trend for the US was still solidly positive through last month and near-term projections look encouraging. The expansion this month marks its eight-year anniversary, according to NBER. Data published to date strongly suggests that […]

What Is the Market Telling Us?

The entire global economy now depends on this stripped-of-information “market” for its stability. Ho-hum, another day, another record high in the S&P 500 (SPX). What is this market telling us? If you’re long, the market is screaming “you’re a genius!”: http://ads.investingchannel.com/adtags/OfTwoMinds/alternativeinvesting/300×250.js But other than that, what else is the market telling us? Is it telling us anything […]

The Roundtable Insight: Brett Rentmeester On Cryptocurrencies In An Era Of Financial Repression

FRA: Hi, welcome to FRA’s Roundtable Insight. Today we have Brett Rentmeester, he is the president and Chief Investment Officer of WindRock Wealth Management. He founded WindRock Wealth Management to bring tailored investment solutions to investors seeking an edge in an increasingly uncertain world, he’s a veteran in the industry. He was a founding partner of Altair Advisers, […]

The Deep State is Biggest Threat to the World

Following last week’s horrific Congressional baseball shooting in Alexandria, Virginia, the U.S. Senate used it as an opportunity to show unity by passing a sanctions bill against Russia – targeting their defense, intelligence, banking, mining, transportation, and industrial sectors. The bill passed with a 98-2 vote with only Bernie Sanders and (NIA’s favorite U.S. Senator) Rand […]

US REITs Continue To Rebound

US real estate investment trusts (REITs) posted the strongest performance last week among the major asset classes, based on a set of exchange-traded products. The gain extends a rebound for securitized real estate that began in mid-May. Vanguard REIT (VNQ) increased 1.5% over the five trading days through Friday, May 16. The rise marks the […]

New Normal Could Plunge Economy into Recession

The big news from the Federal Reserve wasn’t the quarter point rate hike (which was expected). The big news was Fed chair Janet Yellen’s announcement of “balance sheet normalization.” Fed Chair Janet Yellen claims the central bank will soon unwind its balance sheet. In plain English, the Fed claims it will begin selling off assets […]

Silver Up for a Big Move?

This spring, gold vastly outperformed silver, leaving the white metal looking for direction. The silver chart shows prices winding up within a huge wedge pattern. As the trading range gets narrower and narrower, it sets up a resolution in the form of a very strong directional move one way or the other. A few more […]