Outlook for the Dollar Price of Gold

Now that gold has become overbought on Comex, the price is vulnerable to being trashed, yet again, by the too-big-to-fail banks. It is a familiar operation in gold futures markets, where speculators buying contracts protect themselves with stop-losses. All the TBTF banks need is a pause in the speculator’s buying and a little good news […]

HIVE Hits $2.27 Up 207% in 4 Days!

NIA’s #1 Cryptocurrency stock suggestion Hive Blockchain (TSXV: HIVE) hit a new all-time high today of $2.27 per share for a gain of 206.76% from NIA’s Monday morning suggestion at $0.74 per share! HIVE traded record volume today of 10.7 million shares! When NIA announced HIVE on Monday morning at $0.74 per share as its biggest […]

The Demise of the Dollar: Don’t Hold Your Breath

So let’s look at currency flows, reserves and debt. http://ads.investingchannel.com/adtags/OfTwoMinds/alternativeinvesting/300×250.js The demise of the U.S. dollar has been a staple of the financial media for decades. The latest buzzword making the rounds is de-dollarization, which describes the move away from USD in global payments. De-dollarization is often equated with the demise of the dollar, but this reflects a […]

The Impossible Math of the Federal Reserve

Yesterday the Federal Reserve officially signaled the beginning of its balance sheet run-off. At this point, that’s old news. But, today the Fed released the Z.1 Flow of Funds, which adds to the intrigue of the balance sheet run-off. Why? Instead of getting wrapped up in fancy terms like quantitative easing and large-scale asset purchases, […]

Loving Our Debt-Serfdom: Our Neofeudal Status Quo

Democracy (i.e. political influence) and ownership of productive assets are the exclusive domains of the New Aristocracy. I have often used the words neoliberal, neocolonial and neofeudal to describe our socio-economic-political status quo. Here are my shorthand descriptions of each term: http://ads.investingchannel.com/adtags/OfTwoMinds/alternativeinvesting/300×250.js 1. Neoliberal: the commoditization / financialization of every asset, input (such as labor) and output of […]

HIVE Gains Another 46% Now Up 152.7% and $2+ is Imminent!

NIA’s new #1 Cryptocurrency stock suggestion Hive Blockchain (TSXV: HIVE) gained another $0.58 or 46% today to close at $1.84 per share on insanely HUGE volume of 9,580,831 shares! NIA said after HIVE’s 31.25% gain yesterday that much larger gains were imminent and was 100% correct! One minute prior to today’s close, HIVE hit a […]

Ronan Manly, John Embry, James Turk: Discuss The Feds Missing Gold

Why does the presstitute media have an interest in the gold stored at the Federal Reserve Bank New York… or does it? An article, authored by Katy Burn, for the WSJ, “6,200 Tons of Missing Gold?”, and transmitted through Fox News, reached out to some of the most studied people in the world about gold […]

Channeling Safire: “If it’s broke, fix it.”

Bert Lance must have left office thinking his legacy was in the soup. Instead, the wise words of one of the country’s shortest-serving Directors of the Office of Management and Budget would go on to first merit inclusion in Random House’s Dictionary of Popular Proverbs and Sayings and then today, Google status. The expression, “If […]

David Smith: Why I didn't sell Gold and Silver in 2011

I’d like to share a personal investment tale with you, the origins of which go back a ways. I became involved in physical precious metals/futures trading in 1972 after reading Harry Browne’s book, How to Profit from the Coming Devaluation. Not unlike David Morgan (before we knew each other) I accumulated metal and silver futures […]

HIVE Gains 73% in 48 Hours – Much Larger Gains to Come!

NIA’s new #1 Cryptocurrency stock suggestion Hive Blockchain (TSXV: HIVE) had another HUGE day on Tuesday gaining $0.30 or 31.25% to close at $1.26 per share on extremely impressive volume of 5,856,491 shares! HIVE closed just below its intraday high of $1.28 per share! At 3:56PMEDT when HIVE set its latest new all-time high of $1.28 […]

Financialization and The Destruction of the Real Economy

Strip an economy of capital, productive incentives, talent and yes, ethics, and what are we left with? An economy spiraling toward an inevitable collapse. Financialization is destroying the real economy, but few in power seem to notice or care. The reason why is painfully obvious: those in power are reaping vast fortunes from the engines of […]

What to Expect From the FOMC Meeting Today

by In my last newsletter, which you can subscribe to here, I stated that one should not be misled by the immediate gold and silver price movements that result from the geopolitical instability around North Korea, as the intra-day volatility in gold and silver prices caused by geopolitics will not change either the short-term price […]

Russia Continues To Take a Wrecking Ball To The US Dollar

In further growing signs that both China and Russia are accelerating moves to de-dollarise we note that Vladimir Putin has instructed his government to approve legislation which will make the Ruble the principal currency of exchange at all Russian seaports, potentially within a matter of months. The post Russia Continues To Take a Wrecking Ball […]

James Grant On 100 Year Bonds, Inflation & Federal Reserve Policy

Jim Grant podcast: 100 year bonds, bitcoin, Tesla, inflation & Fed policy Grant’s Interest Rate Observer Podcast, Released on 9/18/17 Topics: 1:30 #Austria floats a 100-year bond 3:24 Limited supply of #bitcoin? 4:24 #Tesla promises one million cars per year 7:30 Five year/five year #Euro inflation swap rate 12:58 Hawkish hints 16:40 Half-empty #FOMC Disclaimer: […]

Fiat Currency Has Encouraged Debt, Deficits, Credit, Loose Monetary Policy

DeutscheBank Jim Reid: “We think the final break with precious metal currency systems from the early 1970s (after centuries of adhering to such regimes) and to a fiat currency world has encouraged budget deficits, rising debts, huge credit creation, ultra loose monetary policy, global build-up of imbalances, financial deregulation and more unstable markets.” LINK HERE […]

HIVE Ready to Break $1 and Explode!

A little more than 24 hours ago, NIA announced Hive Blockchain (TSXV: HIVE) as its new #1 Cryptocurrency stock suggestion. Yesterday was HIVE’s first day of trading after successfully completing a reverse merger, raising CAD$16.5 million in a private placement, and closing on the acquisition of a brand new state-of-the-art Cryptocurrency mining data centre in […]

What Is Real Wealth?

As for acquiring capital–the most important types of capital don’t require much money. What is real wealth? Money, right? Currency, gold, quatloos, you name it. Money is real wealth because you can use it to buy whatever you want. I would argue money in any form is only the means to acquire real wealth, which is the agency, […]

Are We At An Inflection Point In The Economy? Yes!

The End Of Effective Stimulus (I’m looking at the macro fundamentals and I think an inflection is coming up in a few months…and that means opportunity.) At the highest level, global growth is coming from a few places China stimulus: backstopping materials prices and also juicing up Asia/E.U. activity. E.U. stimulus: propping up activity via […]