IMPORTANT UPDATES: Saudi Oil Facility Hit, Crude Higher. Gold, Silver, Crypto, MORE. Mannarino

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Hickman: A Signal To Buy 30-Year Bonds

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Authored by Lance Roberts via, A technical indicator with a reliable history is signaling that 30-year Treasury yields will soon decline. A relative strength index (RSI) can be measured for any price series and represents how much and frequency gains are occurring versus losses. The index is used as a contrary or turning-point indicator.… Read More

Why Africa Hasn’t Kickstarted Its Renewable Energy Boom

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Authored by Irina Slav via, Africa has a solar energy potential of as much as 1,000 GW and wind potential of 110 GW, not to mention 350 GW in hydropower potential and 15 GW of geothermal potential. And yet, all this huge potential remains largely untapped, even though solar and wind farms are getting so cheap,… Read More

These Are The ‘Greenest’ Countries In The World

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From widening wealth disparity to the environmental ramifications of economic development – the growing focus on global sustainability is a clear sign of the times. Research reveals that when a sustainable ethos is applied to policy and business, it typically bodes well for economies and people alike. By providing benchmarks for those decisions, indexes like… Read More

Welcome To The Inversion

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Authored by Robert Gore via Straight Line Logic blog, Getting along by going along with the patently absurd… A seamless web, they all believe because they all believe. – The Gordian Knot, Robert Gore, 2000 If it seems like the world has turned upside down it’s because it has. Right is wrong and wrong is… Read More

Ted Cruz Rage-Tweets ‘Fact-Check’ Of “Lefty Press” & Sen. Durbin’s “Lies” About Stimmies For Illegal Immigrants

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The passing, by The Senate, of the Biden admin’s $1.9 trillion package of pork and payoffs has apparently triggered Senator Ted Cruz. Having attempted to insert an amendment that would disallow the $1400 handouts to illegal immigrants (paid for by legal US taxpaying residents), he was attacked as a “liar” by Senator Dick Durbin Cruz… Read More

“We’ll Level Tel Aviv”: Iran Responds To Israel ‘Preparing’ Strike Plans Against Nuclear Sites

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Iran has responded to a Fox News interview from late last week wherein Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz said that Israel is currently updating its plans to strike Iran’s nuclear program and is prepared to act independently if the United States is not willing. The interview was unusually blunt even for Israel in terms of the defense chief openly… Read More

Ethereum Set To Soar As “London” Hard-Fork Gets Approval

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A hotly awaited upgrade to the Ethereum network that lowers the volatility of transaction fees has been scheduled for Ethereum’s next major hard fork. As Decrypt reports, the upgrade, called EIP-1559 (EIP stands for Ethereum Improvement Proposal), is scheduled to go live in Ethereum’s “London” hard fork this July, and crucially for investors, may result… Read More