Singapore Adds Gold To Reserves For The First Time In Over 2 Decades

Singapore Adds Gold to Reserves for the First Time in Over 2 Decades

December 1, 2021  by SchiffGold  0   0 Singapore expanded its gold reserves by about 20% earlier this year, joining a growing number of countries increasing their investment in the yellow metal. The Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) bought 26.3 tons of gold in May and June, according to its most recent International Reserves and Foreign Currency Liquidity report. It was the first expansion of the country’s gold reserves […]

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Is A Stock Market Crash Like 2000 Possible

Is A Stock Market Crash Like 2000 Possible?

Print Friendly Is A Stock Market Crash Like 2000 Possible? “Say say two thousand zero zero party over, oops, out of timeSo tonight I’m gonna party like it’s nineteen ninety-nine” -Prince 1999 Prince wrote the song “1999” in 1982, 18 years before the clock ran out on the 20th century and possibly the greatest stock market run in American history. In 1999, equity valuations stood […]

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Portfolio Trade Alert 11 29 21

Portfolio Trade Alert – 11-29-21

Print Friendly Portfolio Trade Alert For 11-29-21 Top 10-Buys and Sells From TPA Research Click on RIAPro+ today to add TPA Research to your subscription for just $20/month.  November 22, 2021 *** Portfolio Trading Alert ***  – Equity Model Only We sold Verizon (VZ) in the equity model this morning for tax-loss harvesting. We have a lot of gains to offset this year from profit-taking.  While […]

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The Fed Is Between A Political Rock And An Economic Hard Place

The Fed Is Between a Political Rock and an Economic Hard Place

November 30, 2021  by Michael Maharrey  0   0 Black Friday was a black and blue Friday as US stock markets saw their sharpest declines since April 2020. The selloff was spurred by a new COVID variant and fear of new lockdowns. The markets recovered on Monday, but the sudden stock dip was telling. Peter Schiff pointed out that another economic shutdown would require more stimulus and that would […]

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Market Correction Before The Santa Rally Has Started

Market Correction Before The Santa Rally Has Started

Print Friendly Last week, we asked if there would be a market correction before “Santa visits Broad and Wall?” “Investors’ ‘wish lists’ are hung by the chimney with care, hopeful the ‘Santa Claus rally’ will soon be there. While they remain ‘snug in their beds, the historical data dances in the heads.’ The chart below from @themarketear shows the annual “seasonality” from 1985 through 2019. […]

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Viking Analytics Weekly Gamma Band Update 11 29 2021

Viking Analytics: Weekly Gamma Band Update 11/29/2021

We share the Weekly Gamma Bands Update by Viking Analytics. The report uses options gamma to help you better manage risk and your equity allocations. Gamma Band Update The S&P 500 (SPX) fell sharply on Friday, closing on the lows and below the end-of-day gamma flip level near 4,620.  Our model cut SPX exposure to 30%. The Gamma Band model[1] is a simplified trend following […]

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Debasing Your Money Is The Moral Thing To Do

Debasing Your Money Is the Moral Thing to Do?

It’s become increasingly hard to hide the inflation problem. Even without the sizzling hot CPI numbers, the average American experiences rising prices every day at the grocery store and the gas station. With it becoming harder and harder to blow inflation off as transitory, apologists for the central bank and the federal government have shifted to a new strategy — try to convince you that […]

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Black Friday Plunges As Covid Variant Rattles Markets

“Black Friday” Plunges As Covid Variant Rattles Markets

Print Friendly In this 11-26-21 issue of “Black Friday” Plunges As Market Rattled By Covid Variant “Black Friday” As Market PlungesTime To Buy OilYes, Interest Rates Will MatterPortfolio PositioningSector & Market Analysis401k Plan Manager Follow Us On: Twitter, Facebook, Linked-In, Sound Cloud, Seeking Alpha Is It Time To Get Help With Your Investing Strategy? Whether it is complete financial, insurance, and estate planning, to a […]

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What Taper Fed Adds 126b In November

What Taper? Fed Adds $126B in November

November 27, 2021  by SchiffGold  0   0 The Fed added $82B in Mortgage-Backed Securities (MBS) and $65B in Treasuries while allowing $22B in Repo agreements to roll off the balance sheet. The net gain is $126B in the month that the “Taper” was set to begin. The Fed autopilot buying targets about $120B in monthly purchases split by $40B in MBS and $80B in US Treasuries. The stated […]

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Let them eat… soy – OWTW

Let them eat… soy – OWTW By CapEx Team November 26, 2021 11:41 am   URANIUM: NO LONGER THE KODAK OF ENERGY When we first started pounding the table on uranium years ago, the yellowcake was the Kodak of energy. Dead. Here’s how Chris captured the sentiment around uranium at the time: Right now the uranium price is so depressed that it will require a near tripling […]

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Are Inflation Indicators Turning Against The Fed

Are Inflation Indicators Turning Against The Fed?

Fed Chairman Jerome Powell gave his speech at the annual Jackson Hole Economic Symposium… In the months leading up to the conference, he noted the sharp run-up in inflation. However, he relaxed concerns and suggested that these high inflation figures were “transitory”. Meaning it would only persist in the short term by pointing to 5 different indicators. Based on those five indicators, Powell stated that he expected […]

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Fun On Friday Why Is Black Friday Black

Fun on Friday: Why Is Black Friday Black?

November 26, 2021  by Michael Maharrey  0   0 So, did you hit the Black Friday sales Friday morning? That’s an emphatic “No!” for me. You’d have to just about give away stuff for free to lure me out on Black Friday. No thanks. Too peoplely! My Black Friday tradition is to ignore it completely. On top of my very strong desire to avoid crowds, you have to get […]

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The Status Quo Changes Things Schiffgold Friday Gold Wrap Nov 26 2021

The Status Quo Changes Things? SchiffGold Friday Gold Wrap Nov. 26, 2021

November 26, 2021  by SchiffGold  0   0 Earlier this week, President Joe Biden announced Jerome Powell will serve a second term as chair of the Federal Reserve. In effect, Biden stuck with the status quo. But the markets reacted as if big changes are afoot. Gold sold off hard, falling back below $1,800 an ounce. In this episode of the Friday Gold Wrap podcast, host Mike Maharrey talks […]

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Technical Value Scorecard Report Week Ending 11 26 21

Technical Value Scorecard Report – Week Ending 11-26-21

Print Friendly Relative Value Graphs Most sectors and factors/indexes remain oversold versus the S&P 500. As we noted last week, the analysis continues to pick up on the market’s bad breadth. Of note, communications are grossly oversold and are due for a bounce on a relative basis versus the index.Financials beat the S&P 500 by over 2.5% last week, bringing its score from moderately oversold […]

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The Pilgrims Did Socialism And Died Trying

The Pilgrims Did Socialism and Died Trying

November 25, 2021  by SchiffGold  0   0 When I was a kid, we used to say some things only “sound good on paper.” In other words, they seem like good plans, but there is no way they’re going to work in the real world. That’s socialism in a nutshell. The Pilgrims found this out the hard way during their first couple of years in North America. Socialism really […]

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Someone Took Immediate Delivery Of 741 Comex Silver Contracts In November So Far

Someone Took Immediate Delivery of 741 Comex Silver Contracts in November (so far)

November 24, 2021  by SchiffGold  0   0 This analysis focuses on gold and silver physical delivery on the Comex. See the article What is the Comex for more detail. Silver: Recent Delivery Month Silver is wrapping up November delivery which is typically a much smaller month than even other minor months. As the chart below shows, delivery requests are below the last 5 minor months. That being said, notice […]

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Money Supply Growth Accelerates Into Year End

Money Supply Growth Accelerates Into Year-End

November 24, 2021  by SchiffGold  0   0 In the latest period, M2 increased by $193B, moving beyond $21T. This represents a 0.91% MoM increase which annualizes to 11.6%. This is above the six-month average which indicates money supply growth is accelerating. Last week, a technical price analysis showed gold and silver looking very bullish and ready to break out. A Brainard nomination could have pushed both metals through the next major […]

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Silver Demand Expected To Exceed 1 Billion Ounces In 2021

Silver Demand Expected to Exceed 1 Billion Ounces in 2021

November 23, 2021  by SchiffGold  0   0 Every key area of silver demand is forecast to rise in 2021, according to the Silver Institute’s Interim Silver Market Review. The institute projects silver demand will come in at 1.029 billion ounces this year. That would mark the first year demand has exceeded 1 billion ounces since 2015. Industrial demand for silver is expected to reach a record high of […]

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Jerome Powell 2 0

Jerome Powell 2.0

November 23, 2021  by Michael Maharrey  0   0 President Joe Biden has tapped Jerome Powell to serve a second term as chairman of the Federal Reserve. Biden said Powell’s “steady leadership” helped calm markets as governments shut down the economy due to coronavirus, and he expressed confidence in Powell’s future leadership. “I believe Jay is the right person to see us through,” Biden said. Over the last several […]

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Santa Claus Rally Is Coming But Will Markets Correct First

Santa Claus Rally Is Coming, But Will Markets Correct First?

Print Friendly Investors have high hopes for the annual “Santa Claus” rally. But, could there be a correction before “Santa visits Broad and Wall?” At the moment, investors are “making their list, and checking it twice.” Sure, prices remain near all-time highs, but the Fed is remaining accommodative (at least for now.) Earnings remain very “nice,” and the market largely views “pandemic” related risks largely […]

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