Gold And Silver Delivery Requests Near 1 Year Highs Prompting Cash Settlements

Gold and Silver Delivery Requests Near 1 Year Highs, Prompting Cash Settlements

December 2, 2021  by SchiffGold  0   0 Note: This analysis focuses on gold and silver physical delivery on the Comex. See the article What is the Comex for more detail. Additionally, numbers from Comex for December 1 are still preliminary as of publishing. Numbers may change some. This Comex delivery analysis is usually published on First Notice Day. This is directly after First Position day. The Open Interest on the […]

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I M Dreaming Of A Red Christmas

I’m Dreaming of a Red Christmas?

December 2, 2021  by Michael Maharrey  0   0 It appears American consumers are going to have a red Christmas this year. Red — as in going deeper into debt. Shoppers plan to spend less, but borrow more this holiday season. Black Friday spending fell this year, both in stores and online. It was the first year-over-year Black Friday decline on record. Online retailers rang up $8.9 billion in […]

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Fed Taper Is Good News For The Bond Market

Fed “Taper” is good news for the bond market

Print Friendly Investors are fretting over the prospect of a “Fed Taper,” but history shows such will likely be good news for the bond market. Currently, it doesn’t seem that way, with rates rising post-announcement. As noted by CNBC: “While the Fed has gone into policy retreat before, it has never pulled back from such a dramatically accommodative position. For the past eighteen months, it […]

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Crypto S Crash And Stocks Head Higher

Crypto’s Crash and Stocks Head Higher

Print Friendly “Crypto’s Crash,” says some financial news headlines. The reality is Bitcoin, Ethereum and others are down about 10-15% in the last few days. The word “crash” may seem appropriate to describe the sharp decline, except 10%+ moves in a matter of days is the norm, not the exception for crypto. Ignoring the crypto crash, the S&P 500 went higher. The index is up […]

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Booming Retail Sales Don T Necessarily Signal Strong Economy

Booming Retail Sales Don’t Necessarily Signal “Strong Economy”

November 17, 2021  by Michael Maharrey  0   0 Retail sales surged at a higher than expected rate in October, rising 1.7%. The mainstream reported this as fantastic news signaling a strong economy. American consumers are out there buying lots of stuff. The stock market rallied and gold fell. But the mainstream narrative isn’t giving you the full picture. There are two important factors to consider as you analyze […]

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Rivian Surpasses Gm As Electric Excuberance Reigns Supreme

Rivian Surpasses GM As Electric Excuberance Reigns Supreme

Print Friendly Shares of Rivian (RIVN), the newest entrant into the electric vehicle market, are soaring. Rivian closed Thursday with a market cap of $100 billion. Not bad, considering GM is at $89 billion and Ford is $78 billion. Despite lagging in market cap, Ford benefits as it owns 12% of Rivian. Amazon has a 20% stake in the company and expects to own at […]

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Copper The Big Squeeze

Copper: The Big Squeeze

Earlier this year I highlighted that it was about to get spicy in the copper market. There were several signals that were flashing that made me pay attention. For example… Inventories were declining, The EV mania was in full force, Economies were starting to reopen It was only a matter of time before generalist investors connected the dots. And now the mainstream investor, along with […]

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Coal: Sold Out – OWTW

Coal: Sold Out – OWTW By CapEx Team November 7, 2021 4:11 am Not really what you’d expect from a resource that’s supposedly on the way out, is it? “It’s pretty much sold out,” Peabody Chief Executive Officer Jim Grech said Thursday during a conference call. “We only have a small portion left to be sold for 2022 and for 2023.” Arch’s thermal coal output […]

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Fundamentally Speaking 2022 Earnings Estimates Still Too Bullish

Fundamentally Speaking: 2022 Earnings Estimates Still Too Bullish

Print Friendly Fundamentally speaking, there are more than a few indications that 2022 earnings estimates are still overly exuberant. However, the bullish optimism currently supports rising stock prices. Such was a point I touched on in this past weekend’s newsletter: “Overall, 56% of the companies in the S&P 500 have reported actual results for Q3 2021 to date. Of these companies, 82% have reported actual EPS above […]

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M2 Grows Almost 10 Annualized And Nears 21t

M2 Grows Almost 10% Annualized and Nears $21T

October 27, 2021  by SchiffGold  0   0 In the latest period, M2 increased by $163B and sits just shy of $21T. This represents a 0.78% MoM increase which annualizes to 9.8%. This is below last month’s rise of $254B and last September’s rise of $223B. Figure: 1 MoM M2 Change The table below shows the change in M2 over different period lengths. All numbers have been annualized for consistency. […]

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What The Frac Owtw

What the Frac!? – OWTW

  FOOD PRICES: WHAT HAPPENS WITH OIL AT $100? Did you notice how your grocery bills have risen “a little” over the past year? Considering that what you pay in the supermarket is the end of the value chain — which is 6-12 months in the making — the prices are going to be a hell of a lot higher 6-12 months from now. Our friend Tracy […]

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Blog Thumbnail 1 1024x576 SkFVIE

Is The Bull Market Over For Gold?Stephen Flood

Gold has not made new highs in many months. Gold peaked last year at US$2067 on August 6. The 7 month down leg of more than 18% as been deep enough and long enough that some commentators are now saying that the bull market has now turned to a bear market for gold.  Losing faith is understandable because falling prices feel bad. But this week […]

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MARKETS A LOOK AHEAD: Critical Updates. By Gregory MannarinoGregory Mannarino

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[Featured Article] Beware of Trump’s Legacy to Political CultureStephen Flood

This weeks feature article is by Patrick Smyth, Europe Editor of The Irish Times. I have been intrigued in the last few days by a number of insightful international press columns dissecting what Donald Trump has meant to his country’s political culture: enduring legacies that go beyond his toxic politics. Other damage – the product of significant social trends surfed successfully by the US president – may […]

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COVID Winter Pixabay 560x315 84dQtK

This Is Going To Be The Worst Winter For The U.S. Economy In Modern Times

We already knew that this was going to be the worst winter for the U.S. economy since the Great Depression of the 1930s, but now a new round of lockdowns threatens to rip the guts out of hundreds of thousands of small businesses all around the country.  As I write this article, 33 million people are under “stay-at-home orders” in California alone.  With each passing […]

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US auto average age 2020

Average Age of Cars & Trucks on the Road Sets Record, Will Jump During Pandemic as New-Vehicle Sales Plunge to 1970s Level

For automakers, this was a tough market before the Pandemic: decades of stagnation in unit sales, carved up by more competitors, with industry revenue growth by jacking up prices. Then came the Pandemic. By Wolf Richter for WOLF STREET. The average age of passenger cars and trucks on the road in the US – light “vehicles in operation” or VIO – rose to another record of 11.9 years […]

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US Fed Balance sheet 2020 07 09 total wow change

Fed’s Assets Drop for 4th Week, Another -$85 Billion. 4-Week Total: -$248 Billion. Big Chunk, Short Time

Repos & dollar liquidity swaps on their way out. SPVs declined. Hardly any bonds and ETFs purchased. MBS flat. Treasuries ticked up. By Wolf Richter for WOLF STREET. OK, this balance-sheet shrinkage, now in its fourth week, is going faster than I’d expected. Total assets on the Fed’s balance sheet for the week ended July 8, released this afternoon, dropped by -$85 billion, the fourth week in a […]

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World steel production monthly 2020 04

Crude Steel Production: China Blows the Doors off Rest of the World During Pandemic After Already Huge Surge in 2019

Never let a good crisis go to waste. US production, 4th in the world, plunged 32% in April. India’s production, normally in 2nd place, collapsed 64%. By Wolf Richter for WOLF STREET. Global production of crude steel – ingots, semi-finished products (billets, blooms, slabs), and liquid steel for castings – dropped 13% in April compared to April last year, to 137 million metric tonnes (Mt), according to the […]

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US Yield curve 2020 06 04

Treasury Market Smells a Rat: Steepest Yield Curve Since 2017 Despite QE

Market worrying about a phenomenon much worse than stagflation? By Wolf Richter for WOLF STREET. The 30-year Treasury yield has been rising for six days in a row, closing on Thursday at 1.61%, up from 1.41% on May 29, and up from 1.17% on April 20, and the highest since March 19, when the Fed was unleashing its multi-trillion dollar Everything Bubble Bailout. The 20-year yield closed at […]

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us CMBS delinquency rate 2020 05

CMBS Delinquency Rate Spikes by Most on Record

Commercial Mortgage-Backed Securities backed by hotel and mall properties get hit the hardest. Mall-REIT CBL failed to make bond interest payment yesterday. By Wolf Richter for WOLF STREET. The delinquency rate for commercial mortgage-backed securities (CMBS) spiked from 2.29% in April to 7.15% in May by loan balance, according to Trepp today, which tracks securitized mortgages for institutional clients. This month-to-month spike of 481 basis points in the […]

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