Get Ready for Major Volatility in Precious Metals Markets

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get ready for major volatility in precious metals markets

Welcome to this week’s Market Wrap Podcast, I’m Mike Gleason. Volatility is ramping up ahead of next Tuesday’s all-important election. Equity and precious metals markets got hit earlier this week on lockdown jitters. New virus restrictions in Europe and fears of a devastating second wave in the United States caused investors to place sell orders.… Read More

The fate of the pound sterling

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the fate of the pound sterling

This is the third in a series of articles focused on the outlook for major currencies. The first concluded that the US dollar is already on the path of monetary hyperinflation. The second concluded that the euro system is close to collapse as a consequence of a combination of the failure of commercial banks and… Read More

Why On Earth Would I Sell My Gold & Silver For Dollars?

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why on earth would i sell my gold silver for dollars

Today Jeff Clark asks Mike Maloney one of the most common questions we receive here at – "Why on Earth would I sell my gold and silver for fiat currency?" Download Mike's best-selling book for free here: Thanks for sharing and clicking that 'Like' button. For those wondering why our videos don't appear… Read More

When “Fiats Fail,” Precious Metals Prevail

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trump now wants more than 1 8 trillion in stimulus direct payments

There are two theories of money. The first is that it should have intrinsic value, something people can hold, knowing that it has value in and of itself. The second is that it is lawful; that usually a government or King, mandates that their creation can be used to pay for all goods and services.… Read More

Franklin Noll – Insider Look Into Banknote Design, Printing Money and the US Dollar’s History

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franklin noll insider look into banknote design printing money and the us dollars history

SBTV spoke with Franklin Noll, President of Noll Historical Consulting, about the history of banknotes, how 'greenbacks' was coined, secrets in banknote design, and the future of currencies with smart banknotes and central bank digital currencies. Discussed in this interview: 01:37 Consulting with the Bureau of Engraving and Printing 05:08 The history of greenbacks 11:02… Read More

A Collapse of the European Economy is to be Feared

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a collapse of the european economy is to be feared

What if the current period is more serious for the economy than last spring’s lockdown? Because at that time, there was the prospect of no lockdown, summer vacation, the start of the new school year, in short, the fact of starting to live fully again and making up for lost time. The partial or strict… Read More

Gears Of The Economy Fall Off In 2021

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The current situation in the markets is setting up for a continued disintegration of the U.S. and the global economy in 2021.  With the second wave of the pandemic now hitting many areas in the U.S. and worldwide, governments are starting the process of locking down their economies once again… Source :

The Bull Market That Won’t Die

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This post The Bull Market That Won’t Die appeared first on Daily Reckoning. Investors have been hearing for years that “interest rates are near all-time lows,” and “rates have nowhere to go but up,” and finally, that “the bond bear market is right around the corner.” These warnings have come from notable bond gurus including… Read More

[Video] These 3 Trends are Set to Send Gold Much Higher

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chartwatch is the us election the cork in the bottle for gold and silver

Stephen Flood Chief Executive Officer I am the CEO of GoldCore. We help investors buy and store gold and silver easily and cost effectively. We offer a service to purchase, sell and/or store precious metals personally or through a pension, a company or a family office. Source :

EXPOSED: Biden’s Deep Corruption

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This post EXPOSED: Biden’s Deep Corruption appeared first on Daily Reckoning. I try to limit my analysis to markets while leaving politics out of it, but sometimes I have no choice but to focus on politics. This is one of those times. Their potential impact on markets is simply too great to ignore. Despite media… Read More

Gold, Stocks, or Real Estate? This Data Can’t Be Unseen

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gold stocks or real estate this data cant be unseen

Download the chartbook here: In today's video, you'll see some stunning data that compares the relative performance of stocks, real estate and gold. "With everything that is going on in the world right now, I can't imagine the anxiety I would feel if I was just in stocks and Real Estate right now." –… Read More

Nick Santiago – Gold’s Parabolic Move Since 2018 Warrants a Longer Correction Now

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nick santiago golds parabolic move since 2018 warrants a longer correction now

We are joined on Metal Money by Nick Santiago, President and CEO of, as we discuss the possibility of gold prices basing for a year or two after its 'parabolic' move since 2018. Nick Santiago's Buy & store gold and silver with Silver Bullion: Silver Bullion Investor Kit: Silver Bullion… Read More

A New World Monetary Order Is Coming

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a new world monetary order is coming

The global coronavirus pandemic has accelerated several troubling trends already in force. Among them are exponential debt growth, rising dependency on government, and scaled-up central bank interventions into markets and the economy. Central bankers now appear poised to embark on their biggest power play ever. Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell, in coordination with the European… Read More

The Golden Solution to America’s Debt Crisis

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This post The Golden Solution to America’s Debt Crisis appeared first on Daily Reckoning. Right now, the United States is officially $27 trillion in debt. Nearly $7 trillion was added since President Trump took office. This year’s budget deficit is projected at $3.3 trillion, over three times last year’s estimate. The coronavirus is responsible, and… Read More

The Fed MUST have Inflation

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This post The Fed MUST have Inflation appeared first on Daily Reckoning. The Fed says that “price stability” is part of their dual mandate and they are committed to maintaining the purchasing power of the dollar. But the Fed has a funny definition of price stability. Common sense says price stability should be zero inflation… Read More