Max Keiser Reveals the One Aspect Gold Has That Bitcoin Is Lacking

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Ahead of Stansberry Research’s much anticipated Bitcoin vs Gold debate, Bitcoin pioneer Max Keiser gives his pre-game analysis. Slated for premiere access on April 21st, the debate will feature Microstrategy’s Michael Saylor and mining financier Frank Giustra, hosted by our Daniela Cambone. Keiser reveals punches he expects from both sides— and, for the first time… Read More

U.S. Dollar Is Not Collapsing, It’s China That’s Actually Losing: Bloomberg Intelligence

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Bitcoin going mainstream may be topping the crypto market headlines in 2021, but the increasing dominance of the dollar is equally significant, this according to Mike McGlone, a senior analyst for Bloomberg Intelligence. McGlone shares with our Daniela Cambone findings from his April crypto report. “Organic adoption of the world’s reserve currency in the digital… Read More

With China’s War on Cash Unfolding, People Will Be Flocking to This Asset: Brian Tycangco

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Just like its economy, the Chinese Yuan is going completely digital— and that’s not a hypothetical, says Brian Tycangco, Stansberry Research editor for True Wealth Opportunities: China. Since 2014, China’s central bank has been developing its digital version of the yuan called the Digital Currency Electronic Payment (“DCEP”). “Its goal is to function exactly like… Read More

M2 Skyrocketing As Fed Stops Weekly Data Showing Money Supply

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Six-time best-selling author Jim Rickards speaks with our Daniela Cambone about the road to economic recovery. They cover various topics, including Rickards’ stance that deflation remains the greatest risk to the economy, despite reports of inflation. Rickards also talks about M2 skyrocketing— and how it coincides with the discontinuation of the Federal Reserve’s money supply… Read More

Bitcoin a Wildcard where Central Banks Could Pull the Plug, Gerald Celente Reveals His Portfolio

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In Part Two of his interview with Daniela Cambone, Trends Journal founder Gerald Celente reveals his investing philosophy. He also shares why he is wary of Bitcoin: the central banks could pull the plug at any moment. #investor #investing #stocks ICYMI: Here’s Part 1 of Daniela’s interview with Gerald — Get the same kind… Read More

It Will All Come Crashing Down; Taxes for “Non-Essentials”, Economic Despair Warns Gerald Celente

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Gerald Celente, publisher of the Trends Journal, speaks with our Daniela Cambone about the current economic recovery plan. “It’s all going to come crashing down,” he warns in this interview with Stansberry Investor.  #investor #investing #stocks Get the same kind of tools used by the world’s elite investors: ______________________________ Follow us on Facebook:… Read More

Gold Reserves Depleting Is a Real Problem Warns David Garofalo

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With a lack of new discoveries and the shift away from growth-focused strategies, the world’s major gold miners have seen their economically mineable gold reserves decline over the past ten years. Our Daniela Cambone speaks with David Garofalo, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Gold Royalty Corp., about the gold mining sector’s “existential issue” of… Read More

IMF Silently Creates New Money Layer, Why You Need to Leave the Banks: Willem Middelkoop

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The International Monetary Fund’s special drawing right (SDR) – the international reserve asset created in 1969 to prepare for a new dollar crisis – is undergoing a renaissance with important worldwide repercussions says Willem Middelkoop, author of the Big Reset. “The announcement of the largest-ever increase in SDR allocations, which will greatly improve the liquidity… Read More

Can Goldman Sachs Create More Bitcoin?

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This week, Goldman Sachs announced they are looking to get back into crypto and begin dealing Bitcoin futures. Our Daniela Cambone speaks with Stansberry’s Eric Wade, editor of Crypto Capital, about the impact of such a move. They boil down the “what ifs” and address whether the bank will be able to work around the… Read More