The Complete List Of Q1 2020 Hedge Fund Letters To Investors

The Complete List Of Q1 2020 Hedge Fund Letters To Investors

The Complete List Of Q1 2020 Hedge Fund Letters To Investors - Value Investing

*Last updated on 15 April 2020

Greetings investors, and welcome to the Q4 2019 list of hedge fund letters and reports! Learn from the top investors on Wall Street, gain insights into the economy and financial markets, and know what to expect for the rest of the year.

These letters are from the top hedge funds and the most successful value investing firms in the world – learn about the stock market, the economy, the global geopolitical landscape, and investing strategies and philosophy from the very best in the business today.

Most of this list was compiled by Reddit/r/SecurityAnalysis. If you have any more hedge fund letters or reports – especially ones with a value investing focus – please send them here. This list will be updated every week as more hedge fund letters come in.

For past hedge fund letters and reports, be sure to check out the full Vintage Value Investing archive of Hedge Fund Letters.

Now get to reading!

Investment Firm Date Posted
A Primer on Reading Annual Reports April 7
Absolute Return Partners April 7
Bankruptcy Law Primer April 7
Berkshire Hathaway Annual Report April 7
Crescat Capital – Blood in the Streets April 7
Fundsmith April 7
Glasshouse Research – Cubic Corp April 7
Grants – Grand Tour of Junk April 7
Hindenburg Research – HF Foods April 7
Horizon Kinetics – March 20 April 7
Horizon Kinetics – March 25 April 7
Howard Marks Memo – March 3 April 7
Howard Marks Memo – March 19 April 7
Howard Marks Memo – March 31 April 7
J Capital – GDS Holdings April 7
James Montier – Fear and Psychology of Bear Markets April 7
Jamie Dimon April 7
JDP Capital April 7
JPMorgan – Guide to the Markets April 7
Oaktree Capital – Assessing Relative Credit April 7
Oaktree Capital – Risks and Opportunities in EM April 7
O’Shaughnessey Asset Management April 7
Pershing Square Capital – Annual Letter April 7
Pershing Square Capital – CDS Trade April 7
Sequoia Fund April 7
Spruce Point Capital – WD-40 April 7
Wedgewood Partners April 7
Wolfpack Research – IQIYI April 7
Akre Focus Fund April 8
Alliance Bernstein Long Cap April 8
Bill Nygren Commentary April 8
Howard Marks Memo – April 7 April 8
Vltava Fund April 8
Vulcan Value Partners April 8
Bluehawk Investors April 9
Boston Omaha April 9
Driehaus Life Sciences April 9
Riverpark Floating CMBS April 9
Riverpark Large Growth April 9
Riverpark Long Short Opportunity April 9
Schiehallion Fund April 9
Thornburg Global Opportunities April 9
Brown Advisory April 10
GMO White Paper April 10
Mawer April 10
Newfound Research April 10
Templeton and Phillips April 10
Universa Investments April 10
FPA Crescent Fund Transcript April 11
Third Avenue Value Fund April 11
Desert Lion Capital April 12
Massif Capital April 12
Muddy Waters – eHealth April 12
Turtle Creek April 12
UBS 2020 Real Estate Report April 12


Interview Date Posted
Bill Ackman – Bloomberg April 7
Bill Ackman – CNBC April 7
Jim Chanos April 7
Murray Stahl April 7
Oaktree Capital – Emerging Markets April 7
Oaktree Capital – Relative Value April 7
Steve Bregman April 7
Fundsmith Annual Meeting April 8
Grant Williams 2020 Series April 9

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The Complete List Of Q1 2020 Hedge Fund Letters To Investors - Value Investing
Source: Vintage Value Investing

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