The Complete List Of Q3 2020 Hedge Fund Letters To Investors

the complete list of q3 2020 hedge fund letters to investors

The Complete List Of Q3 2020 Hedge Fund Letters To Investors - Austrian Economics

*Last updated on 25 October 2020

Greetings investors, and welcome to the Q3 2020 list of hedge fund letters and reports! Learn from the top investors on Wall Street, gain insights into the economy and financial markets, and know what to expect for the rest of the year.

These letters are from the top hedge funds and the most successful value investing firms in the world – learn about the stock market, the economy, the global geopolitical landscape, and investing strategies and philosophy from the very best in the business today.

Most of this list was compiled by Reddit/r/SecurityAnalysis. If you have any more hedge fund letters or reports – especially ones with a value investing focus – please send them here. This list will be updated every week as more hedge fund letters come in.

For past hedge fund letters and reports, be sure to check out the full Vintage Value Investing archive of Hedge Fund Letters.

Now get to reading!

Andaz Private Investments September 30
Comus Investments October 1
Distillate Capital October 1
Eschler Asset Management October 1
T11 Capital Management October 1
Worm Capital  October 1
Absolute Return Partners – Modern Monetary Theory Explored October 6
JPMorgan Guide to the Markets October 6
Kerrisdale Capital – AtriCure Short Thesis October 6
Spruce Point Capital – Sunnova Energy Short Thesis October 6
Goehring & Rozencwajg October 7
Bill Nygren October 8
Black Bear Value Partners October 8
First Eagle Management – China October 8
DMZ Partners October 9
DoubleLine October 9
Goldman Sachs – Post Election Policies October 9
Third Point Capital – Disney Letter October 9
Vltava Fund October 9
Citron Research – Compass Pathways Long Thesis October 13
Ensemble Fund October 13
Grizzly Reports – Short Thesis on Celsius Holdings October 13
Hindenburg Research – Loop Industries October 13
JCap Research – Short Thesis on ACM Research October 13
Newfound Research October 13
Starboard Value – Corteva and ON Semiconductors October 13
Howard Marks Memo October 13
Argosy October 15
Massif Capital – ESG October 15
Mclain Capital October 15
Ruane, Cunniff & Goldfarb October 15
Spree Capital October 15
Summer Value Partners October 15
Upslope Capital October 15
Bill Miller October 16
Boyar Value Group October 16
Bonitas Research – Short Thesis on Hyliion October 16
Cedar Creek Partners October 16
Cooper Investors October 16
Curreen Capital October 16
Third Point Capital October 16
Wedgewood Partners October 16
Blue Tower Asset Management October 20
Laughing Water Capital October 20
NZS Capital October 20
Alluvial Capital October 21
Bronte Capital October 21
Hoisington October 21
Polen Global Growth October 21
Viceroy Research – Grenke October 21
Weitz Management October 21
Bireme October 23
Bonsai Partners October 23
Forager Funds October 23
Glasshouse Research – Columbia Sportswear Short Thesis October 23
Massif Capital October 23
Oldfield Partners October 23
Sparkline Capital – Intangibles October 23

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