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The Fed’s “Nuclear Option”: $4,900 Gold, $100 Silver, $200 Oil

by Chris Campbell, Laissez Faire Books:

“The final weapon in the Fed’s arsenal,” Jim Rickards, author of The Road to Ruin: The Global Elites’ Secret Plan For the Next Financial Crisis, wrote this week, “is the financial equivalent of nuclear war.”

The Fed’s “nuclear option,” Rickards warns, is… wait for it… gold.

We bring this up today because this nuclear option could have a yuge (sometimes spelled “yooge”) impact on the price of not only the midas metal (see below), but of silver ($100) and oil ($200), too.

And we want you to have plenty of time to ready yourself.

Before we get to that, though, let’s first, to further our own (freedom) agenda, talk about our favorite insect:

The lowly ant.

Specifically, the leafcutter ant.

Meet Paul.

Paul is a simple farmboy.

He carries leaves all day from trees to tunnels to farm fungus, his colony’s main source of foodstuff. Paul is actually pretty boring. He operates on a set of extremely simple rules. And millions upon millions of leafcutters in his colony are pretty much exactly like him.

So, you might be asking yourself, why do we love the leafcutter ant so much, then?

Here’s the thrust…

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