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The Impossible Math is Roaring – Can you hear it? Dollar Dumps, Bitcoin, Silver, and Gold Win in that Order!

the impossible math is roaring can you hear it dollar dumps bitcoin silver and gold win in that order

Wow, the phony stock market rose 200+ points yesterday, 200+ points today!  That’s .8% a day, pretty impressive!  That is until you consider that gold rose 1.9% during the same time period, or that silver rose 2.5%! 
Yes, Bitcoin is moving sideways, for now, but don’t think for a second it will stay that way.
The mainstream says that stocks are going up due to the new tax plan.  Gee, hasn’t that been the excuse for the last 8,000 DOW points?  They say that the E (earnings) is going up, and that price has to catch up, LOL.  Is that what’s really going on?  Or is it that we are just making the impossible math worse?
The “right” scoffed at Obama for doubling the national deficit from $10 Trillion to $20 (I scoff at everyone who doesn’t ‘do’ math)!  That’s a double in 8 years (and it’s a lie because it doesn’t count the $5 trillion on the Fed’s balance sheet, nor the bailout of Freddie & Fannie, etc).  Then the math challenged came out and said it likely that the Trump Administration would add another $10 Trillion.  Oh no it won’t… it’ll be MUCH worse than that, it has to be!
I said “unlikely” to that math, and now I’m already being proven correct.  You see, to achieve the same feeble growth of the Obama Administration, one would have to maintain that 8.75% rate of debt growth!  And if they do, then the deficit will DOUBLE again in the next 8 years!  It doesn’t matter who the president is – that means the minimum the deficit will be in the year 2025 is $40 Trillion, not $30 T.
But it’s going to be worse than that!  And if we weren’t lying about it so much, it would be way, way worse.
Just today we learned that our nation’s trade deficit WIDENED… severely.  Remember how Trump said he was going to reel this in?  The opposite has happened so far.  Not a knock on him, again it doesn’t matter who the President is or even what they do.
Not when you have impossible math like ours!  The bad math is growing exponentially.  Remember, almost all of our money comes into existence as somebody’s debt.  If you were to pay it all back, there would be no Dollars, no money, no economy at all!  So the growth in the deficit cannot even slow in growth at this point, or the economy will suffer.  Yet at the same time because the numbers are growing exponentially, the economy will suffer! 
See how that works? If I were in an airplane, I’d explain that it’s very similar to the dreaded “Coffin Corner,” where if the plane goes any faster the shock waves cause it to “tuck,” and if it goes any slower it stalls (faster or slower results in a lower altitude).  That’s where we are, welcome to Impossible Math. 
There are many signs of the Dollar losing its dominance in the World.  Remember the Dollar chart I showed the other day?  It showed a Head & Shoulders telling me it was about to drop strongly, and here you go – the current Dollar Index:

Keep in mind that this is the fraudulent dollar basket that compares the Dollar against all the other failing and fraudulent debt monies.
Here’s the Gold Chart – we have just begun wave 3 of 3 up!  This won’t even be the most powerful move, as wave 5s up in precious metals are the most powerful:
So what’s really happening?  The reaction to the Impossible Math correction of 2007/2008 created a tsunami of worthless debt dollars that flooded the world, but have mostly sat on central banker balance sheets and in debt instruments the world over.
Now that the U.S. has begun raising rates, this has created a huge differential that is literally energy – the massive ocean of Dollars is the medium through which the energy flows.  Right now that energy is flowing away from the hidden locations, and is finally moving into other “assets” seeking growth.  Energy likes energy, it seeks it out.  Energy causes growth!  Add energy to anything and it grows!  You, me, the planet, the money supply!
That’s what is happening, it’s a tsunami of debt money.  Bitcoin and the cryptocurrencies are going to be BY FAR the largest recipients of those dollars.  Silver will outpace gold in percentage growth terms, but gold will come in a strong third.  Nothing will be close to the Cryptos for growth.
Now let’s talk about government intervention…
The South Koreans have backed off their previous controlling Crypto statements and now say that no such thing as Exchange closures are likely, and certainly not anytime soon.
Then today our own Treasury Goldman Puppet, Secretary Mnuchin, says that they don’t want to see Bitcoin be like Swiss Banks who hide account information!  “We want to make sure that bad people cannot use these currencies to do bad things.”

LOL, OF COURSE NOT!  Because, you know, no one has ever done “bad things” with the Dollar, have they?  What a joke, not even a man behind the curtain, there is no curtain anymore.
What they really want is to control everyone and everything.  And to profit from your life energy.
Guess what?  All that centralized control is coming to an abrupt halt.  Yes, bankers and governments are going to do what they can, but what they can is almost nothing – they have been check-mated already, humanity is moving beyond them.
Look for TRUTH and FREEDOM to prevail – in the next few years you are going to hear a ton more of it than ever before.  The fake narratives will end as good people, who know right from wrong, wrestle the fake narratives, and those who create them, from the system.  This is a great thing, but it will not be pain free.

It has been a quiet day on the Crypto front.  Yesterday, Bitcoin came back down to put a double-tap on the Triangle’s ascending trendline.  It then rose and has been hanging out all day around the magical $13,800 area.  This area has been crossed and re-crossed so many times in the past month that I can’t even count!  Again, that type of action is typical of a sideways formation.  Here’s the big picture Symmetrical Triangle, one more time:
A word of caution: If BTC price were to break that lower trend line, then it would be quite bearish.  That’s not my thinking, but it is possible, so please pay attention to it.  Right now it means that if BTC were to drop significantly below $13,000, then more selling could occur.
To complete that triangle on the bullish side, we need only go up to touch the upper boundary, then we’ll likely pull back a little and then break through it.  The tip of the triangle occurs on January 25th, so I think it highly likely we’ll break above it sometime in the days prior to that date.
Sideways patterns like triangles eat time – they are a respite in motion, a gathering of energy.  That energy will release as that upper trend line is broken.

Stocks are clearly in melt-up mode.  Again, this is 100% only due to the destruction of the value of the Dollar.  Stocks and earnings are measured in… Dollars!  The supposed earnings are near all-time highs, but the truth is that if the same pre-2008 accounting GAAP standards were applied, it would be clear that the current valuation of the stock market is much higher than at any point in history!!
Does that mean that collapse is imminent?  No.  Every country in the modern history of the world, that has a stock market, has been the highest performing in terms of percent stock market “growth” when their currency is in failure mode!  Zimbabwe, Venezuela, Argentina… all had the world’s best performing stock markets!  THIS IS WHAT FAILURE LOOKS LIKE!  Don’t think I’d want to own that…

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