The role of divine intervention in SA’s unlikely turnaround

As part of a nation which has benefitted from more than its fair share of miracles, I have a view about divine intervention. Mostly that it really does happen. And does so a lot more often than most of humanity cares to admit.

Only when the full Gupta Leaks story is told will SA truly appreciate the hidden hand which guided the process that turned the tide against seemingly overwhelming forces of evil. And how the discovery was the result of a seemingly impossible series of unlikely co-incidences.

Ditto last month’s equally explosive testimony to the Zondo Commission by Angelo Agrizzi, that most unlikely of canaries. The question few ask is why Gavin Watson’s bag man started to sing so long after leaving the criminal enterprise? Another case of divine intervention?

On the first day of his testimony, Agrizzi admitted it was his attempt to make right with the Big Boss. A tumour was found in his heart and Agrizzi went into a coma. After awakening, he decided to spill all the beans. After a nudge, perhaps, when he was on the other side? It wouldn’t be the first time.


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