These Are The Biggest Winners And Losers Since The S&P 500's Record High

On September 20, the S&P closed at a record high of 2,930.75 and since then it has been a nearly one-way street of pain for market bulls, momentum chasers, BTFDers and virtually all Millennial investors who have yet to experience a bear market first hand.

While most of the blame for the drop in the market has been attributed to growth and tech stocks, and for good reason as the 13% drop in the Nasdaq 100’s highs in the late summer has been the biggest peak-to-trough since 2015, with Amazon alone responsible for 9.25% of the S&P’s losses, or just over 20 points, since the highs…

… the worst performers in the index have been a utility and a dental company.

Meanwhile, there have been outperformers, with dozens of companies clocking in double digit returns since the market’s all time high.

As Bloomberg notes, troubled California utility, PG&E, which has been facing questions of liability related to California’s deadliest wildfires, and in more recent days – solvency – has seen its market value cut in half this month, former tech darling Nvidia and Align Technology have both tumbled over 46%. Advanced Micro Devices, also among the hottest stocks earlier this year, has slumped amid disappointing forecasts, while one time industrial icon General Electric, video game giant Activision Blizzard and retailing powerhouse Michael Kors also made the list.

On the other side, the best performers in the past two months have been SCANA and Starbucks, both returning over 23%, while Red Hat has staged a solid 21% bounce thanks to its recent acquisition by IBM. Other names in the green column include L Brands, which just lost its CEO, Verizon, whose dividend is suddenly quite desirable again, and America’s fast food favorite, McDonalds.

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The full list of best and worst performers since the all time highs is below.



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