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Thursday’s News Links

[CNBC] Dow futures drop more than 700 points, pointing to another day of declines on Wall Street

[Reuters] Dollar surges, stocks fall as ECB fails to stop panic

[Reuters] Risk premium on U.S. investment-grade credit triples on virus worries

[Reuters] Oil rockets nearly 20% as investors hail coronavirus stimulus spending – for now

[Reuters] ECB to print 1 trillion euro this year to stem coronavirus rout

[Reuters] U.S. Fed moves to ensure liquidity in money market mutual funds

[CNBC] Coronavirus live updates: China reports 34 new cases but none in epicenter Hubei

[Reuters] Japan may hand out cash to households in stimulus package to battle virus fallout

[Reuters] Australia embarks on QE, cuts rates to record lows

[Reuters] South Korea warns of global credit crunch, will support dollar funding needs

[NYT] Automakers to Close Factories in North America

[Bloomberg] Dollar Soars to Record as Funds Dump Everything in Risk Exodus

[Bloomberg] Fed Starts Emergency Program to Aid Money Market Mutual Funds

[Bloomberg] China Builders Face Defaults as Cashflow Comes Under Pressure

[Bloomberg] World Could Need $26 Trillion Stimulus, Top Global Fund Says

[WSJ] Turmoil in Funding Markets Drags Down Mortgage REITs

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