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Trading Alert – BTC Bullish Break Higher!

trading alert btc bullish break higher

After pointing out this morning a potentially bearish pattern, a bullish one manifested itself later.  Instead of breaking lower, Bitcoin prices hung out all day between $11,000 and $12,000. 
Just now a break above the top of a bullish pennant occurred on heavier volume.  Here’s a 15 minute chart showing the break:
The target for the pennant is expected that it rises the distance of the staff.  In this case almost exactly $3,000.  It broke at $12,000, so the target is right at the $15,000 mark.  That would place prices back above the $13,800 line that we’ve crossed so many times, and it would also place them just at the large down slopping line that marks the top of the very large Pennant/Descending wedge I pointed out earlier.  Here’s another view of the big picture chart:
I would not expect prices to penetrate that line unless momentum is way higher than it has been.  Still, a nice looking break higher, and if that target is reached it will be a sizable move in the right direction.

Interesting that this break higher comes within minutes of government failing to pass a continuing spending bill, thus effectively shutting the government down.  Hmmm.  Faith in BTC, but losing faith in .gov and the central banker dollar.


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