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Vandals Deface Oakland Mayor's House With Messages To Defund Police And "Cancel Rent"


Vandals Deface Oakland Mayor’s House With Messages To Defund Police And “Cancel Rent”

Tyler Durden

Wed, 07/22/2020 – 21:00

The Mayor of Oakland’s house was vandalized overnight on Monday night this week. The culprit(s) wrote messages across her garage door and other parts of her home at around 2.A.M. Tuesday morning, according to Fox.

A spokesperson for the Mayor’s office also said that “projectiles” were shot at her house and that fireworks were set off.

Some of the messages written on her house included: “Blood on your hands,” “Wake up Libby,” “Defund OPD,” and “Cancel Rent”. 

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The Mayor’s spokesperson, Justin Berton, said: “This attack, designed to intimidate the Mayor and strike fear into her family, will not stop her from advocating for the policies she believes are in the best long-term interests of her beloved hometown. Like all Oaklanders, she supports passionate protest but does not support tactics meant to harm and terrorize others.”

The police were seen outside of the mayor’s house on Tuesday morning. An anonymous group has claimed responsibility for the vandalism, posting online the reasons why they targeted the mayor and stating: “This is just the beginning”.

Perhaps the Mayor will start to get the message that the solution to these lingering issues is taking back your city by using force.

Recall, it wasn’t until protesters visited the home of Seattle’s Mayor that the city’s “autonomous zone” was finally disbanded. Putting aside the obvious hypocrisy, perhaps this will come as a much needed wake-up call for clueless liberal politicians who continue to drag their feet in enforcing the law because they don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings.

But we won’t hold out hope.

You can watch Fox’s report on the incident here:


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