VP Pence Recalled To White House For "Unknown Situation"; Airforce 2 Diverted

Update 2: It could be just a coincidence, but the timing is certainly curious. Not long after Pence turned around to head back to Washington Tuesday morning for an unspecified non-emergency, Russian press reported that Vladimir Putin has abruptly pulled out of a scheduled event to hold a meeting with his defense minister.

Perhaps we’re closer to the brink of WWIII than most Americans realize?

* * *

Update: The Office of the VP has clarified that Pence wasn’t recalled to Washington for an “emergency”, but to deal with an undisclosed “situation.”

Though the language is less ominous, but only slightly.

A crowd of roughly 200 had shown up to the Granite Recovery Center in Salem, NH to hear Pence speak about the opioid crisis, but they are now leaving now that the event has been cancelled.

Another reporter said she was told by unnamed officials that the reason for the Pence recall is “no cause for alarm.”

* * *

Vice President Mike Pence has been called back to the White House on Tuesday because of an undisclosed “emergency,” NBC 10 Boston reports.

Pence had been scheduled to land in Manchester around 11:25 am, but instead, just before he was due to land, news broke that his event had been cancelled and that he would be heading back to Washington instead of making an appearance in New Hampshire to discuss the opioid crisis.

Air Force 2 was reportedly diverted due to the emergency. No further information was immediately available.

Whatever the emergency, it can’t be good.








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