Warren Pollock – MSM Propaganda Allows D.C. Looting to Continue

Geopolitical and financial analyst Warren Pollock gives his thoughts on the chaos going on in Washington, D.C. Pollock says it’s like the fake fighting of a TV wrestling match. Pollock explains, “Technically, I think Trump has been neutered. His personal lawyer does know how to deal with the politics at hand. In fact, he took Mr. Comey and he eviscerated him and actually made Comey a target. In our last talk, we brought up obstruction of justice. Not that it is credible, it’s probably just as incredible as this Russia nonsense, but it is a great amount of entertainment. It’s a great amount of propaganda. It provides a great smokescreen, and it basically allows the looting to go on another day. The more Trump can be neutered, the more it can be business as usual. . . . There is systemic propaganda that is all over our news media.”

Join Greg Hunter of as he goes One-on-One with political and financial expert Warren Pollock.

(There is much more in the video interview. Programming note: There is a speed problem with the video on the Pollock side of the interview that could not be fixed. That said, the audio for this interview is informational and compelling.)

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